Forest Accents-Technology


Forest Accents is far from ordinary and here at we know that with their many collections in hardwoods including Urban Textures a beautiful hand scraped engineered birch that carries a 15 year finish warranty, Timeless Textures with three species of woods available in a timeless hand scraped look in maple, hickory and birch and carries a 25 year finish warranty and a 1 year light commercial warranty. Country Estate a hand scraped country hickory that comes in your choice from a 5” carries a 15 year residential warranty and a 5 year structure to a 7” width with a 25 year residential warranty, lifetime structure and a 1 year commercial warranty and countless many other hand scraped looks. Forest Accents also has a large collection of smooth domestic hardwoods from oaks, maples to pines that are grown, cut and finished right here in the USA. Their domestic hardwoods are sure to stand the test of time. Forest Accents here at also has some of the finest exotic hardwoods the eye has ever soon including but not limited to Brazilian Cherry, African Mahogany, Serengeti Teak and any other exotic hardwood that comes to mind. These exotic hardwoods are sure to go beyond your imagination of what you want your floors to like in your home. Forest Accents engineered hardwood can be glued right to concrete or stapled on top of plywood subfloors. With their cross-ply construction which offers a reduction in expansion any contractions in wood which makes for the perfect floor for any level of your home. Forest Accents also has solid hardwoods that can be nailed down on top of plywood and with solid hardwood from Forest Accents here at you can sand and refinish over generations and is flooring built for a lifetime. Forest Accents Hardwood has a wide range of Bamboos as well from carbonized, vertical and horizontal available in engineered and solid if you are looking for an affordable bamboo you are sure to find it here. Bamboo flooring is also eco-friendly and going green is always a good thing and it carries a 25 year residential warrant along with a 1 year light commercial warranty. The installation of Forest Accents hardwoods are a breeze with the tongue and groove technology built into their hardwood products installations are a breeze. Go ahead take a look at Forest Accents Hardwood here at

Forest Accents engineered hardwoods you get a wood flooring that is a breeze to install and less prone to moisture damage than solid hardwoods. Forest Accents has a variety of colors, widths and textures to choose from. Forest Accents Engineered hardwoods are truly real hardwoods and with the engineered flooring you are truly getting better stability than you can get with solid hardwoods.

Forest Accents engineered hardwoods are constructed with a cross-ply format which allows you to install on any level of your home and even over concrete with no worry of expansion or contracting with changes in temperatures.

Forest Accents hardwoods are all protected with their aluminum oxide urethane finish that gives you that added protective barrier that is needed in hardwood flooring and with this technology you get UV protection along with a higher resistance to wear and tear from everyday use.

Forest Accents Solids are all crafted with the latest technologies available in the flooring industry and are designed to be nailed down over plywood flooring. With the strength you get with solid hardwood from the thickness of the hardwood being ¾ along with its tongue and groove milling you cab refinish over generations to come.


Forest Accents Laminate Technology

Forest Accents Laminate has three collections to choose from and with Forest Accents laminate you get a multi-layer manufactured flooring product that is integrated together with using a lamination process by using a photographic application underneath Forest Accents strong and clear aluminum oxide barrier which gives you a strong ceramic finish and allows the simulation of real hardwood to come through.

Forest Accents laminates have a core of a high density fiber board which in turn gives you a maximum performance rating in wear and day to day activity with a high stability performance.

Forest Accents laminate gives even an amateur in installation the opportunity to install flooring with its state of the are Unilin tongue and groove locking system technology and no glue required it makes installing this laminate flooring easy as pie. Forest Accents laminate is a floating floor and requires no need to be nailed, stapled or glued. Forest Accents laminate floors can also be installed on hardwood subfloors or concrete slabs along with areas where radiant heating is used. 

With the AC3 Aluminum Oxide infused finish on all of Forest Accents laminates you get a hard furniture like finish which gives you a resistant barrier to wear and with this technology that possesses strong ionic bonding in its crystal clear finish you can be sure your laminate flooring will last for years to come.

Forest Accents Laminates carry a 25 year residential warranty along with a 5 year light commercial warranty which makes this flooring suitable for your home, office or any light commercial setting. Laminate flooring from Forest Accents is durable and is cost effective here at