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Harris Wood-About & History

Harris Wood is an American company that was started back in 1898 founded by William Pond Harris as a little small town lumber company they have been crafting the finest of hardwoods since that time. Harris Wood was also well known for their efforts in supporting the US in war with converting to a main supplier of stakes made for tents and also artillery and bomb components for the most top secret operations such as the radio proximity fuse. Their commitment to fine hardwoods, corks and the acts for the environment are unsurpassed. With their innovative approach to flooring woodwudy.com is proud to offer their products to our clients.

Harris Wood also is a member of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and with their flooring that they make by using only timber woods harvest from sustained forests that are all handled through stern preservation and replenishment programs. With buying real hardwoods or cork flooring from Harris Wood here at woodwudy.com you are truly giving back to our planet with a flooring choice that is biodegradable along with being hypo-allergenic. You have truly come across a floor that is conclusively eco-friendly.

Their hardwoods have also made the cut to be certified to meet the strict indoor quality qualifications which here at woodwudy.com we know how important that is to our consumers. Harris Wood is a company which prides itself in crafting flooring that will exceed you highest expectations and that alone speaks volumes and with their exceptional commitment to satisfying their customers you are sure to make a great decision when choosing to purchase your flooring from Harris Wood here at wodwudy.com.