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Shaw – Technology

Stabilitek Core

EPIC Plus® highlights Stabilitek which is the most recently developed technology from the Shaw.


Shaw's newest technology, Stabilitek Core, was designed with the ability for higher performance and stronger durability for their hardwood floors. Made from wood fibers that have been combined with proprietary chemistry has proven itself against the many oppositions that climate changes can throw as well as subfloor moisture issues.


EPIC Plus has been engineered with the tongue and groove system for easy installation while providing exclusive joint integrity.

Dent and Impact Resistance                                                                                     
EPIC Plus hardwood is produced with Stabilitek and can withstand denting by 15% when compared to 7 ply Asian imports.

Resist scuffs with ScufResist™ Platinum
Shaw developed ScufResist Platinum finish which is tougher than what life can throw at you.  

Floors made for living

ScufResist Platinum finish aids Shaw's hardwood floors by helping the surface to combat the everyday scuffs that could happen to these floors while EPIC Plus aids yours floors in keeping that new floor look for years.

Their floor's finish has been tested against that of the competitions finishes with the use of several heavy-duty scouring pads to which they would change after every 100 strokes. The end result proved that ScufResist held up better than its competitors to scuffs by 6x's. 

Plus, ScufResist Platinum has a Lifetime Limited Wear Warranty that gives piece of mind to Shaw customers that its okay to live on these floors.


Locking Technologies - Laminate Flooring

Shaw’s laminate flooring has come a long way with its new locking technology that makes installation faster and easier with their glueless locking system.

The glueless locking systems of VersaLock AG and LocNPlace make for an easy, no hassle installation.
With an impressive array of designs, consumers can express their unique style whether they want a traditional, rustic or exotic wood grain to wide-format natural tile and stone designs.
All VersaLock AG and LocNPlace floors are made in the USA, moisture resistant and can be taken apart and reassembled very easily.
Floorte has a FOLD N GO locking system that is made for easy, fast installation along with the high-definition prints on the surface of natural hardwood or tile looks to complete the flooring. It also hides any flaws that make be in the floor beneath but is strong and durable while being flexible.
Floorte also has waterproof qualities that are ideal for high-moisture areas and these floors have been tested for weeks in water to check its waterproof characteristics.


High gloss finish for laminate flooring

Shaw has expanded their range of designs as well as put a high gloss finish, called OptiGuard, on their laminate flooring so that it is highly scratch-resistant and durable. The OptiGuard finish also brings out the detail and realism of their laminate flooring.

The OptiGuard finish on their laminate flooring provides gorgeous clarity that is not always seen in the variety of high-gloss products. The smooth, fine and reflective surface is enhanced by the high gloss and brings out the natural beauty of the floor.
This breakthrough in laminate technology give consumers a high-gloss yet tolerant laminate finish that is resistant to scratched and increases the realism and beauty of the floor.
OptiGuard is manufactured right here in America as opposed to other high-gloss competitive products.
The OptiGuard finish hides scratches as well as is resistant to them which creates a highly durable floor that can withstand the toughest environments.
With one of the highest levels of gloss in the industry, its surface is extremely smooth, fine and reflective. 
OptiGuard’s clarity reveals the most realistic appearance with unique colors with rich details while remaining amazingly durable with the highly scratch resistant finish on the top-tier laminate.
Why Choose Resilient Vinyl Flooring?

Shaw’s Resilient Vinyl flooring can be installed anywhere in your home since it is waterproof and very durable which makes it the favorite choice.

The real wood appearance of their resilient vinyl makes it difficult for people to notice the difference between the two. Shaw takes the visual appearance from photos and then transfers the image to the surface of the product where they can then add texture to give it the authentic appearance of wood or stone while being comfortable to walk on.

Resilient vinyl flooring is also resistant to water, mildew and stains since the liquid stays on the surface and can be wiped away quick and easy.

The durability of this floor makes it very versatile since it can withstand the busiest of households with children and pets.

Resilient vinyl flooring can be easily installed in a few different ways such as a simple click-and-lock installation that doesn’t require glue or consumers can directly glue it down to the floor. It is also easy to replace a plank or tile should it become damaged.

The wide variety of vinyl has endless advantages to it along with the current styles and designs for inspiration.



Shaw has even made their carpet stain and soil resistant with R2X which is a protective carpet treatment that protect carpet fibers from dirt and spills.

After several years of research and continued testing, Shaw finally introduced this product and it has since become the fastest growing protective carpet treatment in the industry. R2X has been recognized as the newest innovation in carpet technology as the first carpet stain and soil treatments were several decades ago.

R2X arms carpets with complete fiber coverage that protects the yarn from top to bottom from household spills and soiling. If spills touch the base of the yarn there is no need to be concerned as it won’t perforate it or the wick back.

The Science of LifeGuard Waterproof Carpet
Shaw has waterproof carpets that have been proven by science to keep water and other liquids from seeping through the backing and getting to your subfloor underneath.

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