Why purchase online

Why purchase online?


Purchasing flooring can be a huge stress and homeowners get faced with where they should purchase their flooring whether it should be from a local flooring store, home improvement store or an online store. There is no way for any company to have a showroom to be big enough to carry every single sample that they offer so you could miss out on the exact flooring that you were searching for or end up compromising on something you don’t really want due to a limited selection. There are many advantages to purchasing online such as you can find a much larger selection and save time and money while finding several great deals and bargains. You can see a huge selection of flooring products online in the comfort of your own home and we offer the best possible prices since we purchase straight from the manufacturer and cut out the middle man.  Purchasing online will also save you gas as you won’t have to make multiple trips to one store or the other to find what you are looking for in flooring. When purchasing online, you won’t feel the pressure from sales associates that make commission to purchase flooring that doesn’t fit your family’s lifestyle or that you will end up not loving months later.

Woodwudy has educational information and videos so that you can make an informed decision on your flooring from the selection of material to the installation. We ask that every person planning to purchase flooring from Woodwudy, read the company policies on warranties and returns so there are no misunderstandings. With our outstanding relationship with our manufacturers, we provide the highest-quality products with the lowest prices.

You just need to pick the style and color of the flooring you want, order a sample of that flooring to make sure for certain it is the right choice, measure the area that installation will occur and then order your material. If you are buying outside of the state of Georgia than you will saving more as you will not be charged sales tax unless it is a state in which we offer free pick-up from a local warehouse. (You can view these states by click the map link at the top of the homepage.) Woodwudy ships your material right to your home to which we advise that you should be home for delivery as to inspect that your order is complete and not damaged and at the time of your order, we will give an estimated shipping date. 

Purchasing flooring is an extremely important decision to make and Woodwudy has experts on hand that you can contact prior to making your purchase for any additional questions or concerns you may have.



At Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring, we are here for you!  If you need any assistance or additional information, please call our trained flooring specialists at 1-877-966-3983 or email us at sales@woodwudy.com.