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Delivery Guide and Checklist

Receiving Your Order


At Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring (, it is our goal for you to receive the highest quality flooring at the lowest price!  The information contained on this page explains what you can expect when you receive an order from us. uses an LTL freight carrier when delivering your materials.  There are (4) four ways in which your order can be delivered to you.  To save you the largest amount of shipping costs, Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring strongly suggests utilizing one of the first two shipping options to receive your shipment.  This will greatly reduce the shipping costs and give you the greatest amount of savings.  We suggest having the flooring installer pick up the material as they are equipped to handle this type of material if it is your plan on hiring an installer.


Shipment: (First 3 options guarantee additional savings).


  • Pick-Up from one of Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring’s many locations. (If you live locally or close enough to drive.) Take advantage of this FREE service and no charges for shipping and handling.
  • Received and Picked up from freight carrier terminal. (Customer has the shipment held at the freight carrier terminal and brings the proper transportation and manpower to load the shipment to transport to their construction project.)
  • Shipment to Warehouse with Dock Door and Forklift. (If you have a place of business or your builder or installer has a warehouse space with a dock door and a forklift, this can save you a substantial amount of money).  We DO NOT suggest having it delivered to a retail flooring store as they have lost a large sum of money since you did not purchase your materials through them.
  • Residential Delivery. Delivery at your home or construction project.  The materials will be delivered at the end of your driveway.  This will involve a lift-gate and the customer will need the tools and manpower to offload your materials and transport them inside your location. You may need 2 additional people depending on the size of your order.  The driver will not assist in this unless pre-arranged prior to shipping for an additional fee.  If the freight carrier cannot access your location with the tractor trailer truck, it may require you to meet at another location. Due to the length and bundling of the unfinished hardwood, the freight carrier may require you to offload this material by hand off the truck. You will need to have at least 2 people on site for delivery of this product.



Inspecting & Validating Your Order:

Remember that inspecting your order is your responsibility and if there is any noticeable damage or missing items upon receipt, it MUST be noted on the shipping receipt to file a claims case.  Always accept shipment and note damage on the packing slip to process your claims effectively.  Please see the Delivery Guide and Checklist for more information about inspecting your order.


Your shipment will be wrapped and packaged effectively as to not cause any damage in its transit.  Trims, transitions, and moldings may or may not arrive in the same shipment.


If you should have any further questions or concerns, please refer to our Delivery Guide and Checklist, our Shipping & Tracking Information, our Defective, Damaged, or Missing Items Policy, our Returns and Cancellations Policy, and/or our Claims Terms and Conditions Policy.  As always, we are here to help, and you may call us at 1-877-966-3983 (WOODWUD) to speak to a live representative.



Delivery Guide and Checklist:


Please complete the following steps to make delivery of your flooring products as swiftly and conveniently as possible.  If you do not complete the next steps exactly, and a problem should occur, you are responsible for filing a claim with the carrier yourself.  If you have followed all the following steps correctly, then Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring will file a claim with the carrier on your behalf and credit or replace damaged or missing materials.

1.)  Plan Ahead You must be present at the time of delivery in order to receive your order and unload the flooring materials.  Flooring is delivered curbside and the driver cannot assist in unloading the material.  It is important to have someone available to assist you once your shipment arrives.  It is your responsibility to move the flooring materials into your own home, garage, business, etc.  Prior authorization must be approved for the driver to assist you for an extra fee.


2.) Inspect Your Order:  

For Damages: Check your flooring materials for any damage or defect it may have received while being shipped before signing for it.  Check to see if there are any rips to the boxes or to the shrink-wrap which can be an indicator of products damaged during shipping.  Keep any damaged material in question. 

For Missing Products: Confirm that you have received the entire order before you accept the delivery of the product.  Confirm that each item and the amount that you ordered is listed on your shipping invoice. Check and confirm that you have received your entire order before you install the floors.

If you notice any damage to the product or missing items, make a note of it on your delivery receipt and then accept the shipment.  Visit the Damaged and Missing Items Policy for more information.

3.) Validate Your Shipment- Confirm whether your received your entire order and whether everything is intact before the freight carrier leaves your property and before signing the receipt of delivery.  Verify that smaller materials are included in your purchase.  Moldings can be shipped in tubes.  Glue and underlayment may be packed together in one box.  If you are missing any items, make note of them on your delivery receipt.  Once you have verified that your entire order is complete and that there are no missing products, sign the delivery receipt for the driver.  Everything listed on the delivery receipt must be in the delivery or you must make note of it on the delivery receipt.  If it is not listed, it may have been shipped separately. Contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring to see if there is another shipment that you need to receive to obtain your entire purchase.  (Custom transitional molding and trims may be on another shipment as they take additional shipping time.)   If your order included any damaged or missing material, please call a sales representative at or 1-877-966-3983 (877-WOODWUD) immediately to open a case for you and assure that you get the proper material shipped to you as soon as possible.

4.) Always Accept Delivery- Serious fines and additional fees will result for return shipping and restocking charges.   Never refuse delivery for any reason.  Just make a note of any missing or damaged products on the delivery receipt.  See our Returns and Cancellations Policy for more information.

5.) Acclimate Your Flooring  After your flooring is delivered, be sure to move the flooring from the curbside to the exact location that you wish for it to be installed.  Flooring needs to acclimate to the environment in which it is going to be installed 72 hours minimum prior to its installation.  Visit the link for the installation instructions of your product for further information.  If flooring is not stored properly and acclimated prior to installation, it may result in your product warranty being voided.  In addition, flooring boxes can weigh up to 80lbs each making relocation of the product difficult.

6.) Schedule Installation Please allow time to verify and confirm that you have received all supplies and materials before you begin installation.  Waiting times for damaged, missing, or replacement parts need to be considered before scheduling an installation date.  Once the material is installed, there will be no replacement or credit for damaged or missing products.  Once material is installed it is considered that you have accepted the product as it was when you received it unless there is a defective/warranty issue.  Wrong color, wrong size, or damaged products must be returned to receive credit.

At Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring, our number one goal is to be available to help our customers increase their business as well as be successful in their individual projects.

Our flooring experts are awaiting your call at 1-877-966-3983 (WOODWUD) or email us at to better serve you and answer any questions you may have.