Wholesale Cork Flooring Planks

Cork flooring is a great alternative to traditional hardwood flooring because it is made from a highly renewable resource. Coming from the bark of cork oak trees, it is periodically harvested from living trees, then ground up before being compressed into resin-bound sheets for use as flooring. Other advantages include:

  • Cork is an incredible insulator, rivaled only by wool carpeting.
  • Cork flooring is hypoallergenic, as it repels the clinging of dust and other particles.
  • Cork flooring planks have some antimicrobial properties and repel insects and vermin alike.
  • Planks are exceedingly easy to maintain.
  • They can also be refinished very easily, just like hardwoods.
  • They’re very soft, which means that walking along them is less punishing for your legs and feet.
  • The same properties that make them soft and great insulators also make them great as a noise-reduction measure.

Give us a call for a quote on our wholesale cork flooring or to learn more about whether or not cork is the best option for your upcoming home renovation project!


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Works like a charm

The Bona Pro Series Luxury Vinyl Floor Care Kit works like a charm on our newly installed LVP. Cleans very easily and leaves a nice shine. Have used Bona products in the past on our Laminate flooring with great results, and the same is true with there Vinyl Floor cleaner as well.

Floor sealer

Excellent product that maintained the light color of my 1930s cotton mill pine floors.

quality flooring

Quality USA made flooring

Mohawk makes really good quality flooring that is made in the USA. The laminate layer is much thicker then most other brands. No pealing at the corners. Woodwudy was also a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!

different sizes

All the flooring was supposed to be 3 1/4 in and part of it is 3 inch....disappointing.