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#2 red oak floor

I haven't started installing it yet but it looks to be good. Some damage, but it's expected during shipping. I haven't really gotten into it yet.


I was a bit hesitant at first but applying my first coat of poly went great. No lines and very even. The water - based poly was dried in a few hours and the application of the second coating went well too. I am very happy with the applicator and plan to use it more extensively on my next project.

Traffic HD Commercial Finish

This would be 5 stars IF the company would have included a mixing bottle with measurements for amount of usage under a gallon, since that is the only quantity available.

Bona Mega waterborne hardwood floor finish

Whitewashed alternative

Beautiful product over knotty pine. Easy to apply. Dried relatively quickly in a heated garage during a Wisconsin winter. Used 4 coats to give the appearance of milky white pine. Wished it would have only needed 2 coats to show as much pigment. The durable looking finish is very nice

Great Customer Service and QUICK!

Customer Service was outstanding! We were contacted immediately about an order issue. The order was delivered promptly!

Flooring Sample
Vicki Young

I like the flooring. I think I want a different color.

Great bona product. Thank you

Thank you for fast delivery.

Hickory wood

The delivery was very fast; And the wood looks so amazing! The service was friendly also… Thanks for the fast friendly service Victor.. God bless you!! Have a great day!!

Bona Steel Trowel
Nichloas Verga
Where’s my merch?

It’s been 28 days and I still haven’t received my merchandise! Get your business in order.

Used on Pine Ceiling

In an effort to lighten a pine ceiling, the pine ceiling was sanded and then sealed with the Nordicseal. It definitely introduced a whitish hew to the pine, but not over doing it. With only one coat it stayed quite flat, and application was easy with a short nap roller. The product flowed out nicely leaving quite a homogeneous appearance from a sheen standpoint. The lustre does increase with a second coat. Overall, I am pleased with the product.

Great Product. And even better customer service

We've used Bona Traffic HD Commercial Finish, before and always have great results.
Had a slight snag with a shipment problem, and Woodwudy provided courteous, professional, and efficient resolution.
We highly recommend them!

Finishes good

Bona traffic HD commercial finish was good not great. I thought it would have a better shine than what it ended up looking.

Bona Pacific Filler
Sandy Lambrecht
So so

The color match was good for our century old Douglas Fir floor, but it was very thin and shrunk in the gaps and holes requiring more attention.

Consistency is key

Does a great job of keeping a consistent layer of product on the surface. Easy to use and handle and gets in most tight spaces.

Works great!

It works well. I love the large mop head and I like that it is machine washable.

Great product

So easy to use and the results are just beautiful!


Great product great finish I’ve found it takes more product than listed durability wonderful

Very satisfied

Extremely pleased with the fast delivery. Pads performed extremely well. Thank you for great service!

Never received the product.

We are still waiting on the 5 gallons of Bona Domo floor sealer to arrive. Now our project deadline is in jeopardy because we can't finish the floors, and we are very disapointed in the experience, and have not had a good response from Wood Wudy team, they say they will make a claim, but really they should send us a new 5 gallons via expedited service to make sure we actually receive the product, it is not my problem that it was lost, you were shipping to us, and so we should not be penalized for mistakes on that side.

Great company and excellent customer service

I received my items promptly and received excellent customer service.

Victor was great, he gave me all the details and warranty information. He explained to me that the product was in stock and that it first had to be shipped to them then they will ship it to me. The whole process took about a week and a half. I was so excited to get my floors as promised. Thank you Victor...

Great quality

Depending on the wood you’re applying to will very much dictate the amount needed some flooring that’s very aged ( mine), once sanded was very thirsty. It took double the amount of product. Other than that quality, characteristics, and ease of use are really good.

Works well

I used this on my knotty alder cabinets. It took out the red undertone with two coats. Very pleased