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Rating for Bona Roller Cover

The package arrived after just 4-5 days. However, I was surprised to find that it is difficult to find a 12-inch roller with small metal pieces to insert into each of the ends of the roller cover. Standard large size rollers were all I found. The rollers with the small metal pieces only fit roller covers of greater than 12 inches.

Love The Outcome, Lots of Effort

I love how these floor turned out for the price but they were a lot of work. To give you an idea of my process. I sorted boards for any major flaws, nailed down, applied a wood putty (Woodwise Powdered Wood Filler) to the entire floor to fill in gaps, Sanded, Stained (Duraseal Quickseal Chestnut), and Sealed (Satin Bona HD)

I purchased about 1800sq ft of flooring. It arrived in unboxed strapped groups that were not even on a pallet. There was some damage due to shipping but not too bad. In the end, I used about 85-90% of all the boards. I only scrapped boards where the tongue or groove side was damaged (board was under 4" width in some places.). Things like knot holes I just filled with the putty.

I would highly recommend the putty that used. It is formulated to look like white oak and it takes stain really well.

Did what it said

It removed a bunch of red tone from our white oak

Beautiful floor!

Out of curiosity I gave woodwudy a call about the #3 white oak for my cabin. Spoke to the salesperson (unfortunately forgot his name). I explained everything to him gave hime him the sq ft and ask him to check and make sure it was in stock. I was ordering the 31/4 and 5 inch. He called me back in a couple of hours and said no problem in stock. Called him back in a couple of days placed the order. Not a problem he was very professional through the whole process. The order shipped on time. The company sent me an email to let me know it shipped. And it came in a few days. I had it shipped to the local fed ex office. I ordered 400ft of 5 in and 400 ft of 31/4. Ist booboo. I was planning on staggering one and one. Only problem i should have ordered more 5 in than 31/4. To late. After a little of head banging I solved the issue by staggering the install with one 5in one 31/4 in one 5 in and 2 -31/4in. So in a 20 inch span it was only 1/4 in ch off. The floor came out better than planned. There are alot of shorts but there's enough longer pieces to off set the shorts. All in all the product was much better than I expected. Extemly satisfied with this whole project start to finish! Will definitely recommend!

Mohawk Woodmore 3" width 3/8" thick Engineered Hardwood WEC33

Bona Pacific Filler
Charles Alliman
Smooth transaction

Easy ordering, on time delivery, thanks

Bona Pacific Filler
Bruce Wilson
Great Filler

Very easy to apply, and just as easy to sand. Yet after a couple days it is very hard and has excellent adhesion.

Great for Hardwood Floors

Professional Bona is a super product for your hardwood floors. We have been using it for 5 years. It was recommended by the company that installed our hardwood floors. Woodwudy’s Wholesale Flooring was wonderful. We will definitely be ordering from them in the future.

never received

Darcys Kitchen

Selected another vendor

Easy to use, did what it was supposed to do.

Great service on getting the product at a great price and fast. Easy to use with very good results. Kept wood grain from going crazy when applying finish. Light sand and then Mega One for a great finish. Really liked how clear the sealer and Mega ONE allowed the natural look of the oak to show through. No more yellow tint of last finish.

Great product, easy to use.

Very easy to use and spread evenly with a Bona Floor Coater. No odor after 24 hours, perfect amount of gloss (semi gloss on this finish). Dries quickly, but not so quick you cannot do a job with only one person. Perfect results, very durable. Service was great on getting the product quickly and at a great price.

Once assembled with a floor coater on it works great

Not much you can say about a T Bar, except it spreads the product well with the floor coater installed and is easy to make nice even 180 degree turns. I do wish it was just a bit easier to change the floor coater. It is not real easy to slide on and is even harder to slide off. Need just a little bit more clearance.


Wood quality was perfect, but the milling was not. Boards varied in width, had to shave down about half of them by hand to make flush to avoid gaps. Finished product was fantastic, just required many hours of extra labor.

They were honest, and I’m very happy

Everything went as planned. I am thrilled to have the hardwood floor in. Great service and communication. Thank you.

Bona Pacific Filler
Mark Vonder Meulen

Bona Pacific Filler

Amazing price for both products

I have used my Bona mop and it works great! I haven’t tried the LVP floor cleaner yet! I have confidence in Bona putting out a new product! Don’t hesitate to buy from this company! Five stars! Thank you for your service! I will be back in the near future!


This company was extremely easy to work with and the flooring looks fabulous and looks beautiful. I absolutely love how the Mohawk RevWood laminate flooring cleans up and looks when finished. We would definitely use this company again for our flooring needs.

Poor quality

Difficult to install delivered the wrong color.

Have not received

Still waiting now 1 month

Never received order

I never received my order.

Great Customer Service

We were very pleased with our flooring purchase. They have a lot of options and great prices. Meagan, was knowledgeable and friendly.

Glad I ordered the sample

Arrived promptly. Alas the color was too dark.

Quick service

Filled my order quickly. Fair pricing

Bona Pacific Filler
Melinda Smith
Bona pacific Filler was ok, but…

I felt that for the price it could be much better, it’s very lose, which may work for some people of for professionals, but for the weekend do it your self ers, we weren’t crazy about it. It didn’t dry as quick as it stated on the packaging, it ended up needing over night to completely dry. And it’s very obvious where you’ve applied it- at least it is on our white oak floors. And it’s hard to get up the extra that needs to be gotten up after it dries, especially if you only are using hand sanders- we could afford to drive 2 hours altogether rent a Bono floor sander and there wouldn’t have been any point because our floors have been a work in progress over the last month to do the whole house- so a floor sander would have had to have been rented several times or kept for a month and at that price we could have bought a floor sander. I imagine the difficulty we experienced was maybe because we didn’t have a floor sander- so if you are doing your floors yourself and using the tools you have you may want to just buy a small amount of this filler 1st to see if you like it and it woks for you- I wish I had not bought the amount I did because it will not end up being used so it was a waste of money. Try it before buying tons!!!!!