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Everything was as advertised!
Job came out great.

Great Product! Great Service! Great Pricing! Don’t go anywhere else!

Do not listen to any salespeople! They’re just trying to get you to buy their ridiculously expensive product. Bona oil based poly is the ABSOLUTE BEST flooring product we have ever used. We will only use Bona in the future & we will buy it from WoodWudy. Wonderful service & reasonable prices.

The product is specified to for use by my flooring mfg. It is the best though.

But I give you a 3 star rating because one 1 of the 3 bottles I ordered was cracked
and leaked about a little less than a pint into the plastic bag is was covered with. There was no padding in the box to absorb punishing trip to the west coast. Duh.

Still not received my order appears to be lost have tried talking to the company and to fedex still nothing from either still waiting to hear something if I don’t receive soon will have to go another route

I think we have a winner!

We have been testing a variety of samples of LVP, and this is the first laminate that we've tried. I am really impressed with the abuse that we have given it! We scratched at it with a steak knife, put a hot coal on it, held a flame from a lighter to the surface, hit it several times with a hammer, and soaked it in water for 2 hours. You have to look very hard for the scratch mark, and even the hammer marks are only slightly noticeable if you are looking for them. There are no burn marks and the initial mild swelling of the joint piece from soaking returned to normal. I also like that this flooring is thicker than the LVP that I've looked at. I believe it will feel more solid underfoot. I look forward to having this installed in my house!

Mohawk Carrolton 7.48" width 8mm thick Laminate CDL16

Baller Status - Bonariffic!

I don't think I will ever use another poly again. I went with Amberseal as the base and then Traffic HD in Matte finish for the gooch slap on top. Very easy to work with - I used a stain pad for the Amberseal and then a finish roller for the Traffic. I am a novice but my floors look bonariffic. 1852 colonial - "believe and they shall be restored!" - Psalm 22 verse floor

Mohawk RevWood Plus Hartwick Laminate CDL90

I would like to have the location

Good and prompt service

The whole process from the initial call to delivery and quality was great.

Samples of Nares Oak

We were extremely pleased with the samples you sent.

Wonderful customer service!

The young gentlemen I spoke with was extremely helpful and friendly. He made placing my order a breeze. Thank you!

Flooring turned out beautiful. Couldn’t be happier..

Happy with Woodwudy but not with FedEx

Ordering and dealing with the folks at Woodwudy was great! No complaints for them. Or the quality of my flooring. However my experience with my wood being shipped through FedEx was terrible. (Considering the cost especially terrible) firstly they called to schedule the delivery for Friday, I rescheduled for Monday instead and took the day off of work. I see the shipment arrive at the freight center Wednesday. So far so good. They called me Monday morning to say they can’t deliver it that day because it “Just came in”. I had no alternative days off so I needed to drive 30 miles to pick up 650 pounds of flooring in my CRV myself from FedEx Freight. Needless to say. Not happy with FedEx.

Bona Pacific Filler
Ray Pavlock
Wood Filler

Quick shipper, great value, excellent product.

Unfinished White Oak #3 - 4" Solid Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood at an affordable price

Good product for the price - a lot of the short pieces were missing end grooves - labor intensive to finish with all the crayon cull marks - stop using black crayons and stick with red (easier to sand off) - after sanded and varnished a quality hardwood floor

Johnson Hardwood Alehouse 7.5" Width Maple Engineered Hardwood AME-AHM
alicia mulieri
Simply Magnificent

I was a little concerned w/ the 2mm vainer layer.. but the floor is spectacular and very good quality. It seems like it will withstand a lot of abuse.
800 sq ft and not one damaged box or piece of wood. It is almost exactly as shown in the pictures. We absolutely love this floor, the price, the company &sales rep that made the purchase and delivery a breeze.

Came on time and lovely sales force to work with

The floors have not been installed but the process went very smooth.

Okay, but not great.

I installed and refinished wood floors for about 2 years professionally. This wood is adequate, however there were a lot of crap wood in there. There were way too many pieces with junk tongues (enough so they had to be top nailed) and chatter marks across the surface. About 20% I had to toss and just wasn't acceptable for flooring.

My only other grip is that the wood is much darker or there's a lot more darker pieces than most of the #1 common white oak flooring I've installed. So this didn't blend well with the rest of the floor purchased earlier this year. Fortunately they're in bedrooms and so separated from the main rooms, hallway, etc. by doorways. Little harder to notice the overall darkness of the floor compared to the rest, but it is noticeable.

I have not received the sample. Please try again. Thanks.

Bona Pacific Filler
Mark Lindbeck

It’s the Best!