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Have not used product yet

Easy peasy

I used Bona two years ago and used a different applicator. I was not happy with the results. This time I used the swivel tool and my floor looks fantastic.


I would recommend anyone looking for hardwood flooring to purchase it at Woodwudy. It was half the cost of big box stores. Shipping was very fast and easy. The white oak flooring is top notch. Thank you!

Bona T Bar Floor Coater Sleeve

Love the samples

Great pieces. Received 3 large samples of each. Prices are better than local big box stores. Will def buy our floors from here!

Flooring Sample
Raymond Berube
Wrong samples

Did not receive the samples I ordered.

Bona FlexiSand DCS - 16" Dust Control Buffer

Best for LVP

First off, the shipping from Woodwudy was extremely fast. I’m not a super huge fan of LVP after we got it. It always seems to look dirty so quick after cleaning, but the Bona Pro LVP is the best cleaner I have found, and I think I’ve tried them all, including vinegar/water. Will order from here again when I need a refill.

Too many short pieces

Out 620 sq ft about 10% longer than 3 ft. Got several 12 inches or less.

Good floor

The flooring itself is beautiful. Mostly shorter pieces with lots of color variations. Goes in well. I ordered two stair nose pieces but they did not match AT ALL. I sent pictures to Woodwoody but the representatives said they could not offer me a refund or do anything to help me. I was stuck with a couple hundred dollars in stair nose pieces I was unable to use. My total order was $10,000 and they still would not refund me a couple hundred dollars. Luckily, my contractor found a couple bigger pieces and had them routered to use as stair nose. Hope this helps someone.

The spring loc feature is no longer there

The wood itself looks great. I purchased some of this 11 years ago and it works and lasts well. This new batch is not as shiny as the old. What is funny is the plastic spring lock is no longer featured on this. I can put it together, but it’s a little misleading, calling it the spring loc.


Great customer service and product worked well.

Bona hardener

I needed it quickly and you guys came through

Satisfactory 💪🏼

Received order on time and delivery driver was polite and professional. Have not installed product yet.

Favorable Flooring

The unfinished red oak #1-2 1/4 Solid Hardwood looks amazing in our daughter's lounge and bedroom. It is a perfect match to the existing hardwood in our home! The red oak #1 was the perfect match with great installation and stain to blend in with existing hardwood. We made the best selection in choosing Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring , unfinished red oak #1, and Chambers Flooring who installed our floors.

5 star review

Not really carpet

Looks and feels like rolled roofing or tar paper

Bona T Bar Floor Coater Sleeve

good to have one

it is necessary to have such bottle for small projects

Not What I Anticipated

DID NOT have any complaint with Woodys. Courteous and fast shipping. However, to rate the product itself; Called the 800 number after the first coat to ask why I didn’t see a difference. They said to give it three coats and not to worry bc it is their best selling product and it will take the red and yellow out of the red oak. I called them after the third coat to tell them I saw no change at all. It felt like they were asking me questions to find a flaw in the application. I told them we had approx 2000 sq ft. to stain. Turns out it’s almost 1600. My floor guy used 9 gallons of Nordicseal over three coats. They look the same as they did when they were sanded. I’m going with it was a waste and learn from my mistake please. This stuff is too expensive to trial with.

Extremely disappointed

I was so excited about this project and 50% of the wood was unusable.

Great end results with twice the labor.

The vendors description is fairly accurate. I purchased 450+ sq ft for a shop floor. Most of the board were 1-2 feet. I think there was one long board in each bundle. If you are going to use this wood you need to plan, you can't just open a bundle and start nailing. The first thing you need to do is sort all the boards by size and sub sort by flaws. Then you need to pick the right boards for the right spot so that the damage isn't a problem, like a bad grove goes against the wall and big knots will end up under something. You will have to sand to get rid of the marks left by the inspectors but I then used the sawdust like grout between cracks. With all the short boards you can pick the right length to end a row and may not even have to cut. Some of the flaws were odd grain patterns which I actually thought looked to nice for a floor but I made sure they ended up in a spot to be seen. If you want a floor where you can slide across it in socks this isn't the product for you. In the end I am happy with the product but you should plan on spending at least twice the amount of time to lay the floor than it would take with perfect wood.


Twice as many short pieces. Some only 8 inches long. Going to make it a tough lay!

Beautiful product

I am very impressed with the quality and realism of the Mohawk LVP. It looks like real wood and is very substantial in thickness.

Luxury Vinyl Floor Cleaner

Bona is an excellent cleaning product for my Luxury Vinyl Floor.