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Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring takes pride in not only being a wholesale distributer of flooring, but also a flooring education center as well.  It is our aim not only to sell flooring, but to educate the consumer on what types of flooring works best for their situation, common problems that arise from installation, proper care and maintenance, along with the latest trends in the flooring industry as well!  Our founder has been certified through many national and international flooring organizations such as the NWFA and CFI so that our articles are up-to-date with information from experts in the industry!

Check out our FAQs page for common questions to the most frequent situations, or you can call us 1-877-966-3983 anytime to get a professional opinion on which route to take with your flooring options.  We are always glad to help whether you purchase from us or not!  We encourage our customers and professionals to email us at sales@woodwudy.com any questions or concerns that they do not see posted on our website, or an article subject that they would like to see posted here!  Also, check out our Education Center. We aim to stay current in providing information that fits the needs of our customers.  Check back often to see the latest posts and articles available!


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