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Unfinished White Oak #3 - 5" Solid Hardwood Flooring

Product Description - (FLOORING SOLD BY SQUARE FEET)

Unfinished White Oak #3 Common 5" Wide 3/4" thick Plank Solid Hardwood Xulon Flooring


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Unfinished White Oak Hardwood- #3 Common Solid Plank Specifications:




White Oak


#3 Common


3/4-inch thick




Random board lengths, mostly short boards

Edge Details

Square Edge / 
Square End

Janka Rating


Installation Method

Nail or Staple Down

Installation Level

On-Grade or Above-Grade

 Grade #3 cabin grade sold AS IS, no return and no warranty.

If you are looking for flooring at a great value and enjoy projects that may entail some extra labor, then #3 graded flooring may be the best option for you. Grade #3, Common 3, Utility, Cabin, Value Grade are all different names for the same grade flooring. It’s the lowest grade flooring after grades: Select, #1, Common1, #2, Common2.

It has a warm rustic cabin ambiance in oak consisting of small, large and pocket knots with veins running through it. Matching wood filler should be used to fill these knots (recommended filler Bona Pacific Filler). Expect the flooring boards to be random length ranging from less than 1 foot to 3 feet. Consider that there will be flaws in the flooring boards and that extra labor may be necessary. Flaws on your flooring may be amended simply by filling pocket knots with wood filler and squaring off insignificant cracks on the butt joint, short splits or broken tongue and grooves.  Some boards may have an "x" marked on them.  When boards are run through the mill, they are marked with an "x" to indicate that boards are a grade #3, common grade, or value grade.  These boards do not qualify for Select down to #2 and that is why they are sold at lower prices. The “x” will be sanded off when finishing the floor. Please check out how beautiful this flooring can be when it’s finished in the pictures above.

Unfinished White Oak #3 Common 5" Wide 3/4" thick Plank Solid Hardwood Xulon Flooring


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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Charlie B
Beautiful floor!

Out of curiosity I gave woodwudy a call about the #3 white oak for my cabin. Spoke to the salesperson (unfortunately forgot his name). I explained everything to him gave hime him the sq ft and ask him to check and make sure it was in stock. I was ordering the 31/4 and 5 inch. He called me back in a couple of hours and said no problem in stock. Called him back in a couple of days placed the order. Not a problem he was very professional through the whole process. The order shipped on time. The company sent me an email to let me know it shipped. And it came in a few days. I had it shipped to the local fed ex office. I ordered 400ft of 5 in and 400 ft of 31/4. Ist booboo. I was planning on staggering one and one. Only problem i should have ordered more 5 in than 31/4. To late. After a little of head banging I solved the issue by staggering the install with one 5in one 31/4 in one 5 in and 2 -31/4in. So in a 20 inch span it was only 1/4 in ch off. The floor came out better than planned. There are alot of shorts but there's enough longer pieces to off set the shorts. All in all the product was much better than I expected. Extemly satisfied with this whole project start to finish! Will definitely recommend!

Clint Ivy
Incredible value

Just installed and sealed the floors in our living room, kitchen, and dining room. They look so good we ordered more for our bedrooms!

Kevin archer
Hardwood at an affordable price

Good product for the price - a lot of the short pieces were missing end grooves - labor intensive to finish with all the crayon cull marks - stop using black crayons and stick with red (easier to sand off) - after sanded and varnished a quality hardwood floor

Lawrence felts
wood flooring

great service fast delivery. the only comment i have is the the pallets they cam on were pretty bad. the Fed guy and me unloaded all it by bundle. a smaller pallet next time would help. but other than that it was awesome price and product.

Joseph Krokenberger
These floors look amazing! Especially for the price!

Shipping was quick with this product. It arrived in less than 2 weeks to upstate NY. packaging could have been better as it was in long bundles spanning 2 separate small pallets making it unable to be unloaded from the truck with a fork lift (unless you have very long forks). Needed to hand unload.

I was very surprised with the quality of the wood planks. I ordered 850 Sq ft for my 650 Sq ft project and ended up having extra flooring with only about 50 Sq ft that I classify as unusable due to cracks. Some boards were missing tongues and need to be face nailed which can be expected. The boards laid down great over my 100 year old tongue and groove subfloor which was far from perfect. The shipment also included 7 full length boards (might have just gotten lucky) that worked great for highlighting my sliding door entryway, lining my kitchen cabinets and making other cool edge design details.

One tip on installation is to organize the boards into similar hues to give the appearance of longer boards and fade from light boards to dark near the edges of the room. Lots of work but well worth it for the end product!

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