Unfinished White Oak #3 - 7" Solid Hardwood Flooring

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Unfinished White Oak #3 Common 6" Wide 3/4" thick Plank Solid Hardwood Xulon Flooring Utility


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Unfinished White Oak Hardwood- #3 Common Solid Plank Specifications:




White Oak


#3 Common utility


3/4-inch thick




Random board lengths, mostly short boards

Edge Details

Square Edge / 
Square End

Janka Rating


Installation Method

Nail or Staple Down

Installation Level

On-Grade or Above-Grade

 Grade #3 cabin grade sold AS IS, no return and no warranty.

If you are looking for flooring at a great value and enjoy projects that may entail some extra labor, then #3 graded flooring may be the best option for you. Grade #3, Common 3, Utility, Cabin, Value Grade are all different names for the same grade flooring. It’s the lowest grade flooring after grades: Select, #1, Common1, #2, Common2.

It has a warm rustic cabin ambiance in oak consisting of small, large and pocket knots with veins running through it. Matching wood filler should be used to fill these knots (recommended filler Bona Pacific Filler). Expect the flooring boards to be random length ranging from less than 1 foot to 3 feet. Consider that there will be flaws in the flooring boards and that extra labor may be necessary. Flaws on your flooring may be amended simply by filling pocket knots with wood filler and squaring off insignificant cracks on the butt joint, short splits or broken tongue and grooves.  Some boards may have an "x" marked on them.  When boards are run through the mill, they are marked with an "x" to indicate that boards are a grade #3, common grade, or value grade.  These boards do not qualify for Select down to #2 and that is why they are sold at lower prices. The “x” will be sanded off when finishing the floor. Please check out how beautiful this flooring can be when it’s finished in the pictures above.

Unfinished White Oak #3 Common 7" Wide 3/4" thick Plank Solid Hardwood Xulon Flooring Utility


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Customer Reviews

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Edward Starr
Avoid this site for your flooring purchases.

I purchased some flooring from this site to be delivered to my home. The purchase was approved for delivery to my home. I then received an email stating that there was an up charge because my order was less than 300sqft. and the delivery soil be to a warehouse where I would have to pick it up myself. After reviewing my charges I realized I was charged $313.00 in delivery and handling fees on a $70 purchase that I had to drive 1 hour to pick up. There was a $125.00 charge for any delivery not picked up in 2 days. I had to call repeatedly to find out of my delivery had come in to avoid being charged once again on my $70.00 purchase. When I picked up my order the flooring they delivered was in 6 bundles of 9 inch to 24 inch pieces. Each bundle had one 24 inch piece with the rest of the bundle being any where from 9 to 12 inch pieces. When I called to find out why I was sent basically scrap material I was told that they site said varying sizes. I will never purchase here again.

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