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Mullican Hillshire Oak 3" Hardwood

Good product. Great service.

I am very happy with the Mohawk true designs flooring I bought from Woodwudy. I really liked the sandstorm color and was astonished when my local flooring store wasn’t trying very hard to earn my business. I asked how much and they said uhhhhhhh and made several phone calls. I value my time so I went online. Woodwudy has the best price and it was hard to find the color I wanted anywhere else. Woodwudy had it for 50 cents less a square foot. Best of all, the product showed up on a palette with no damage and nicely covered in plastic. I carried it from my driveway to inside the house one box at a time in the rain. No harm to the flooring. I haven’t had any issues, but I think if I did Woodwudy would make it right. They emailed me throughout the process to make sure everything was right. Check out how good my floor looks so far. My wife and I were able to install this in about 8 hours transition through a tricky hallway and meeting up in the hallway.

I love this floor, it’s to thick.

I’m glad I got to see the sample in the store. That small sample was impossible to see what it looked like.

Great product!

Sample was NOT correct

I gave the review two stars only because the sample came in a timely manner. Otherwise, the sample I received was not the correct item. I had seen the flooring at a local flooring store and just wanted to have a small sample of it at home for my reference and matching of other items. I panicked a little when I opened the package because it was not what I saw in-store! I took the sample into the store with me and they confirmed that it was indeed labeled the same as the one I had picked out, but definitely was not the actual product.