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Amazing Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile


  1. LVT is Waterproof - The core of LVT is not made from fiberboard like laminate. Instead it is made from high quality vinyl which is 100% waterproof. It is the perfect flooring solution for areas that are exposed to extreme moisture like bathrooms and laundry rooms, areas where there might be a lot of spills like kitchens and areas where mud or water can be tracked in like mud rooms and foyers. It is also great for basement areas where moisture can be a problem.



  1. LVT is Versatile – LVT is extremely versatile in several ways. First of all, it can be installed in any room in your home, over any type of sub-floor, concrete or wood or over any existing flooring, except carpet. It can also be installed on grade, above grade or below grade, in rooms that are typically off limits to laminate or hardwood flooring. Additionally, LVT is available in two different styles, square tiles which resemble natural stone or ceramic tile and planks which resemble real hardwood. LVT is available in a wide variety of designs, colors and textures, creating a more realistic look of hardwood, bamboo, ceramic tile or natural stone, depending on the style you choose. The textured surfaces of the planks offer the feel of real hardwood and when installed it is difficult to tell the difference between LVT planks and real hardwood flooring. It is also hard to tell the difference between luxury vinyl square tiles and ceramic tile or natural stone. It can even be grouted just like ceramic tile or natural stone. It is the most versatile flooring on the market with regard to color, offering a multitude of shades, tones and patterns, with the carefree maintenance of vinyl.



  1. LVT is Warm in Winter - If you love the look of ceramic tile or natural stone flooring, but hate how it feels cold to your feet in the winter, you may want to consider luxury vinyl tile. It can be grouted during installation to look just like ceramic tile or a variety of natural stone flooring and it is considerably warmer than ceramic tile or natural stone floors. So, you can walk on it in the winter time without shoes and you don’t have to worry about your feet freezing. It is also not too cold for children to crawl around on or play on in during the winter season.



  1. LVT is Durable – LVT is constructed by layering polyvinyl chloride (PVC) onto a backing material and bonding it together using intense heat and pressure. It has a thick wear layer of advanced urethane infused with aluminum oxide, making it extremely durable and highly stain and scratch resistant. Aluminum oxide is an element that is second in hardness only to diamonds. Thus, making it a wise choice for high-traffic areas in your home.



  1. LVT is Resilient – When it is stated that flooring is resilient, it means that it has a measure of elasticity or that it will spring back into place after weigh is applied. The thicker the wear layer, the higher amount of wear performance the flooring will have and the more resilient the flooring will be. Due to LVT’s thick top urethane wear layer, it is more dent, tear and scuff resistant than traditional sheet vinyl no wax floors. Since LVT is constructed of vinyl, which is softer than wood, it can withstand a high amount of impact from heavy objects being dropped on the floor, without any damage to its surface, making it very resilient.



  1. LVT is Comfortable to Walk on – Luxury vinyl tile is shock absorbent and much softer underfoot than ceramic tile, natural stone or hardwood flooring. The core of LVT is made of vinyl, instead of wood as in hardwood flooring or fiberboard as in laminate, which is much softer and more comfortable to walk on, since it slightly gives under your weight and springs back into place.



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