Anderson Hardwood Flooring - Technology

Anderson Hardwood-Technology:

Hand Craftsmanship

Anderson uses several different techniques such as rustic hand scraping, pebbling, wire-brushing and other industry leading textures. They have skilled artisans that craft each piece of wood so no two pieces will look the same and will truly be custom floors. Anderson has a voluntary work program, Anderson Prison Work Program, that teaches prisoners a trade and the value of hard work. That is where most of the company’s hand craftmanship is performed and has reduced the rate of recidivism from the highly successful program.

Six Times Tougher than the Competition

   Take the Test and See for Yourself...

Luster-Lock Ultra finish is a breakthrough technology that is more resistant to everyday abrasions and scuffs by up to six times when compared to the hardwood finishes of our competitor’s. Their finish wear-warranties has been extended on their products up to 50 years. 



Scuff tests have been performed with a heavy duty 3M scouring pad which has been combined with 10lbs of pressure. The pad was replaced after every 100 strokes






EnCore Plus is an ultra-high-density product that removes air pockets which makes it hard to penetrate. It is a harder, denser, more dimensionally stable and tougher which makes it a more forgiving floor choice. For more information or questions please contact us at 1-877-966-3983 or




Let customers speak for us

946 reviews
Waited 2 months and it’s not what I ordered


Great product

Love the full sample


Looks great!!

Beautiful floor

I love this floor. I never had LVT flooring and this style is so light & pretty. I would absolutely recommend this product and company

beautiful wood, crazy shipping policy

I really wanted to order from this company - but they made it impossible. Because I was ordering 1600 sqft to replace the carpet in our downstairs, I wanted to first purchase a full box to see if it was a decent match for the wood flooring we already have. One box was $70 plus $195 in shipping and warehouse fees. Great price but ridiculous fees - too much to take a chance on. They have repeatedly emailed and called me - and I have expressed the same answer to their staff multiple times. Someone should be sharp enough to take me out of the email system. After this note, I will unsubscribe.