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Armstrong-About & History


The year is 1860 in the city of Pittsburgh; America was still in her infancy and our reach was barely past the western mountain ranges. Tom Armstrong was creating what would become one of the largest flooring companies in American history and it all started in a small cork cutting shop where deliveries were made using a wheelbarrow. 

Tom Armstrong is son to an ordinary Scottish Immigrant from Londonderry and accomplish something extraordinary. The Armstrong held steadfast through the civil war, hard economic times, terrible fires at the warehouses, and a ruthless marketplace.  He accomplished this feat by standing by his virtues of take pride in your work and what you make, and his faith lead him through the hard times. These virtues were shared among his loyal and dedicated employees who shared the same values. The market place had a “buyer beware” mentality, Armstrong has the exact opposite mentality and strived to make a product that buyers could depend on. He took pride in what he produced so much that he bore the family name on his products, Armstrong.

And that is one of many reasons why here at Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring we support and proud to offer Armstrong products.

Armstrong was one of the first companies ever to stamp its name on all of its products; every piece of cork had the name, eventually a written guarantee with the cork shipped from his newest factory in Pittsburgh.

Sales continued to grow for Armstrong as customer confidence grew and soon Armstrong became the largest supplier of cork; shortly after became incorporated in 1891.

As the company grew so did the uses for cork and logically one product lead to another.  Corkboard led to fiberboard, fiberboard led to Ceiling board, cork tile and linoleum insulation corkboard and brick, and then linoleum floors. Growth was phenomenal; with it a new factory was built on the edge of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. In 1909 the Armstrong company started making and selling Linoleum Flooring and so began the birth of an illustrious flooring product portfolio. 

Armstrong created the formula for maintained success that is a core value for many successful companies today- Stick to your core business and your core values but adapt to the changing market place and demands. Values like these have allowed Armstrong to truly stand the test of time. 



Armstrong designs and manufactures floors and ceiling; product designing provided gives clients the ability to create amazing interior spaces in their home or businesses. This service and foresight has given Armstrong a reputation of excellence in the industry.

Armstrong operates in 8 countries with 31 plants for production with approximately 7,400 employees worldwide. Their consolidated net sales are around a whopping 2.5 billion dollars. 

Armstrong has created magazines and literature for their clients to give them an ability to create great interior spaces by allowing the client to envision themselves in the space they are designing. Whether it’s at work or home, a hospital, the classroom, storefronts or even restaurants Armstrong offers advanced interior ideas to gain comfort, save you time, and help create unforgettable interior spaces that everyone will love. 

Armstrong is now a global, multi-billion dollar corporation that was created in humble beginnings over 150 years ago. What started with 2 men creating quality cork products out of Pittsburgh has grown to employ thousands of people in over 8 countries.  Armstrong has allows been and will always be a leader in the industry because we’re trusted to provide quality products and our values and faith lead us into the future.

Our modernization led to the development of acoustic ceilings products that has improved the effectiveness of teachers by allow their voice to project to the entire class. Our foresight gave us one of the most popular flooring options today; the American Scrape providing a warmth and character that most homeowner are looking for today:

Armstrong has survived and thrived in some of the toughest economical times in American History, How? We believe that our standards for treating our employees and clients with the respect and consideration that everyone deserves has produced a product and business that our clients can trust and our employees can be proud of. These values have stood the test of time and our faith has been the motivation to carry us through the trials and tribulations that all companies face. Our commitment to always doing our part and acting with integrity to help our planet and to be eco-friendly gives our clients a product they can proud of. For any questions regarding Armstrong Products please feel free to contact us at