Our Operating Principles

At Armstrong our goals are not an objective with a finish line rather a way of operating on a daily basis. One our actions is being vigilant on maintaining a high ethical standard this is accomplished by reviewing how we treat our clients on a daily basis. Respect is showing, not just knowing how to be polite and we show our clients first hand with every interaction starting by being honest and reliable. How we treat our clients is universal and our actions reflect kindly to all groups with interest in our business. Here at Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring, our values reflect that of Armstrong with our commitment to providing a great product and always treating our clients with the utmost respect and courtesy. 

Armstrong’s main objective is to give all individuals the dignity and respect that we all deserve. Honesty, Integrity, Reliability, and candidness are hugely important and of the utmost priority for Armstrong. We treat others the way we would want to be treated; displaying common courtesy, with our words and small gestures. We balance our objectives between all our clients whether you are an employee or customer we deal with all issues fairly and with proper concern. 


Residential Flooring

The heart of Armstrong lies in their willingness to help their customers find the right flooring that meets their needs in their home whether it is hardwood, luxury vinyl plank and tile, vinyl tile or laminate. 


Commercial Flooring

Armstrong is on the forefront on producing commercial flooring solutions that will give you exactly what you need; whether that is hardwood, bio-flooring, laminate, linoleum, whatever choice is best for you. We provide exceptional flooring choices that will make any space look amazing and perform exceptionally well. Armstrong’s award winning commercial flooring solutions will give you flooring you will love for years to come.


Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong provides premium hardwood flooring using only the best domestic and exotic species of hardwood and professionally crafted to bring classic, rustic, contemporary, hand-scraped and many more styles and designs into your home. Whatever style or décor you love, Armstrong has something that will make any interior space look amazing.   


American Scrape Hardwoods

The new American Scrape Hardwood Collection has richly textured floors that have a rustic design that highlights the natural imperfections and characteristics of the wood. With a variety of species to choose from such as hickory, oak, walnut and cherry and the beauty of the hand-scraped surface of these floors only adds to the character that it will bring into your home. This collection is made right here in the United States.


Distressed Wood Flooring

With flooring trends leaning towards timeworn and natural looks distressed Hardwood floors fit the bill perfectly. The word “distressed” refers to a type of surface treatment.  Distressed Hardwood floors are intentionally distressed to create that timeworn look that you are looking for. Distressing techniques include the use of an embossing roll and color-washing to create the subtle character marks, pits and nail holes. Great choice for high traffic areas with the character and markings help hide scuffing and indentations and just add to the character and authenticity of your floors. Distressed floors are available in both Solid Hardwood and Engineered construction. Armstrong offers several distressed wood flooring collections with a variety of stains and finishes for a unique, rustic and one of a kind look that only Armstrong can provide. 


Armstrong’s’ Exotic Wood Philosophy

Armstrong is committed to responsible sourcing for our exotic hardwood flooring. We require our suppliers to verify their adherence to international regulations protecting exotic hardwood species. We also are vigilant to ensure that endangered exotic hardwoods are NEVER used in any of our products. In addition, we have partnered up the Tropical Forest Foundation to continue to support and promote sustainable forest management, and reduced impact logging practices.


Exotic Wood Flooring

Armstrong has a huge collection of the beautiful exotic hardwood flooring. Exotic hardwood species have a lot of character and can demand you attention in any space. With the beautiful smoky graining of an Acacia and its high variation being the center piece for any interior room or the beach like graining of a Walnut and its striking blonde streaks giving you a one of kind appearance; Exotic species are known for their vibrant natural colors and superior durability. Exotic hardwood flooring in general has a high Janka Rating; this refers to the natural hardness of each species of wood the higher the rating the harder and naturally more durable the species is. Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring has all of Armstrong’s amazing collections of Exotic hardwood Flooring at unbeatable pricing. is your one stop shop for all the best Armstrong products available today. 


Acacia Hardwood Flooring

Acacia has beautiful graining and high variation creating amazing appearance; high durability and one of a kind look makes Acacia a great choice for any home. Acacia works in any design or décor usually paired with a soft palette to show off the beauty of each plank. Select a lighter Acacia to bring your space a lot of character. 


Jatoba Flooring

Harvest in the Tropical Climates of Central America, Jatoba is known for its great durability giving you a strong and beautiful floor and with Armstrong you know you’re getting a quality flooring that you’ll enjoy for many years. Rich and Vivid tones with a nice range from dark red to a light brown gives a unique look that can be a conversation piece. 


Tigerwood Flooring

Correctly named for its unique graining that resembles a tiger this flooring stands out from the rest for its beauty and durable. Looks great with a soft palette allowing the vibrant flooring to stand out and creates a warmth and character to any home. Known for its unique ability to handle higher than average moisture levels its great for areas with high humidity or a range of seasons.


Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring

When its comes to exotic hardwood flooring the Brazilian cherry is the flagship, loved for its vivid and rich tones that compliments with a satin finish. Brazilian Cherry immediate brings warmth and light into any room and gives a nice range depending on the lighting. Great versatility allows a traditional or contemporary design that stands out from any other hardwood flooring. Your design or décor will be upgraded with the beauty of Brazilian Cherry.



This hardwood brings a soft yellow to rose red color that has full and rich colors; usually a straight and uniform graining makes Cabreuva a great choice in a traditional setting. Unique in when exposed to light the color will change dramatically; showing a distinct color variation. Great choice for a busy home for its ability to hide scuffs and scrapes better than other hardwoods.



Our vast selection of Kempas gives you an amazing range to choose from whether it’s for your home or office Kempas is a great choice. Kempas has vivid shades of earth tone reds with subtle amber coloring bringing warmth and character into any home or office. Kempas is known for its hardness giving you flooring that is hard to dent or scratch giving you peace of mind and allowing you to have in almost any space. Great alternative to American Cherry for its consistency; Kempas doesn’t have the extreme variations in color like the American Cherry. 



A low-luster wood with a moderate texture, with a unique graining that has high variation, appearing straight and very irregular. Lapacho presents a very subtle yet pleasing appearance that gives a contemporary appearance with great performance. With Armstrong quality you can rest easy knowing you’ll have amazing floors in your home for many years. 


Santos Mahogany

Santos Mahogany raises the bar; visually and dependability. With a beautiful and masterful mix of reddish brown to vivid reds and tight graining this exotic hardwood is coveted by many. This hardwood is not all looks it has the durability to match; with a Janka rating of 2,200 this hardwood performs with the best and wins. Add Armstrong quality and craftsmanship to the beauty and durability of Santos Mahogany; you truly have an unbeatable combination.



Medium to dark browns with a reddish hue and even some subtle purple tones with whitish and pale yellow with fine graining that varies to wavy gives a long, narrow appearance that adds size to any room. Sapele gives you a look that will stand out from the rest and immediately adds beauty and character to any home. With Armstrong quality you can rest assured that you’ll have beautiful floors that will last for many years. 


Engineered Hardwood Flooring

An alternative to Solid Hardwood flooring is Engineered Hardwood which allows homeowners to install hardwood flooring in almost any area of their home. Unlike Solid Hardwood, which is one solid piece of wood engineered is layer of Hardwood bonded to a plywood core. This gives Engineered hardwood much higher stability making it less likely to bow or cup due to temperature, humidity, or any outside influence. Would you like to have hardwood flooring in your basement? You can, with engineered hardwood flooring enjoy the beauty of hardwood flooring in almost any room of your home or business. With a huge selection to choose from there is an engineered hardwood flooring that is right for you. 


Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Wide Plank hardwood flooring has become the popular choice with homeowners today.  The wide plank gives a warmer and more rustic feel to your home. Armstrong has masterfully created an artisan-crafted wide plank hardwood this gives a rich and vivid color palette. This collection has brought back a style seen only in 19th century farmhouses or New England Saltboxes but with a modern feel. This collection is available in both engineered or solid construction; choose from a wide range of species giving you range on décor and design. Engineered and Solid construction is available in strips, planks, and of course the wide planks as well. Armstrong has created flooring that shows the distinctive grain and character of each species giving you a unique flooring with the likes that no one has seen. 


Oak Hardwood Flooring

Oak Hardwood Flooring is the most commonly used hardwood flooring in the world; its look is ageless. With the look and feel that all homeowners love it’s a beautiful blend of distinctive graining and warmth that looks great in any setting. Known for both its durability and appearance Oak hardwood flooring is a great choice for all home owners. 


Red Oak Hardwood Flooring

Red Oak has moderate to high variation of coloring; ranging from soft yellow with a salmon tint to an Amber with brown hue. Distinct graining makes it recognizable showing wide lines running in zig zag or wavy patterns. This look give such a beautiful look and gives a character that only Red Oak can give; homeowners truly have a one of a kind look. 


White Oak Flooring

White Oak Flooring has a softer, neutral color palette, and less variation in color that include light yellow to golden brown. White Oak also gives a straighter more uniform graining, that gives a softer appearance that looks great with any design or décor.


Prime Harvest Oak

Armstrong has given Oak an upgrade; Prime Harvest Oak. This is a new collection consists of only select and premium grades of Appalachian Oak Timber. Planks are available in 3” and 5” Wide; offered in 12 Different Color Shades and two levels of gloss you’re sure to find the perfect look for your home and for any design or décor. 


Maple Hardwood Flooring

Known for its natural light color that looks amazing in modern to traditional to rustic décor Maple hardwood is extremely popular. The straight graining and smooth, clean lines opens up any space and makes the area look larger. Coloring ranges from a soft white and vivid yellow-tan of the sapwood to the soft reddish-brown and darker brown of the heartwood. Maple Hardwood flooring brings a warmth and natural beauty into any home and performs extremely well showing minimal wear and tear even in the busiest of homes. Armstrong brings this great selection into your home with a quality unmatched giving you the peace of mind you deserve knowing your floors will last for generations to come. 


Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is a great choice for anyone looking for extremely durable and affordable flooring. Made to look like the most popular flooring options like hardwood, stone, and ceramic but without the huge financial burden. Laminate flooring is a high-resolution photo bonded to a thick layer of High Density Fiberboard creating flooring that is durable and well-priced. Armstrong offers a huge selection of laminate flooring with all the latest styles and trends you’re sure to find exactly what you are looking for at the best price available.


Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is a man-made product designed to look like wood, stone, and ceramic.  Armstrong uses state of the art printing technology to create a product unmatched that gives you flooring that look and even feel like objects found in nature. Extremely durable with easy maintenance and available in any style your looking for; Vinyl is always a good choice for any home. 


Alterna Luxury Vinyl Tile

This amazing product is made to mimic the appearance of natural stone and ceramic tile with the added benefit of giving the home owner a more comfortable surface to walk on. This Collection is available in Alterna and Alterna Reserve both are made to give the appearance of authentic tile with the Alterna Reserve offering a high-end stone visual. Both Collections offer styles available with or without grout to give an authentic tile look. 


Luxe Luxury Vinyl Plank

This amazing collection portrays real hardwood colors and textures with the durability of LVT. Luxe LVT even comes in the lengths and widths with the beveled edges and ends; this provides you with a truly authentic hardwood look with all the added benefits of LVT. Superior performance, extremely dent and scratch resistant, it’s even waterproof! Luxe Luxury Vinyl Plank is comprised of 3 layers that provided this high performance. Armstrong offers a huge selection of Luxe Luxury Vinyl Plank at amazing prices; don’t wait, get yours today!


Vinyl Tile

This easy to install, durable, and waterproof material is a great flooring option for your home. The peel and stick makes installation a breeze! With easy maintenance and great pricing Vinyl Tile is always a great choice for any home. Armstrong offers one of the largest selections available today; stop in and see what amazing choices there are today. 


Linoleum Floors

Flooring has advanced considerably over the past 10-15 years more than over any other period of time. With printing technologies that give us a huge range of colorful, stylish and eco-friendly choices Linoleum floors have never been better. Made up of natural material consisting of linseed oil, recycled wood floor and limestone this gives linoleum a natural resistance to bacteria and eco-friendly. Armstrong has a huge selection of all the best choices in Linoleum available today. 


Stone Flooring

Stone flooring consists of natural materials found in the earth like slate, travertine, and quartz; Armstrong masterfully captures the beauty of these materials in the Luxury Vinyl Stone Tile. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and beautiful colors there is a style that you’ll love. Armstrong brings these natural stones into your home in a way no one else can.