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Bruce Hardwood and Laminate flooring strive for quality. Craftsmanship is our main goal not quantity and it obvious looking at our hardwood flooring. In order to make quality hardwood flooring, you have to have quality materials. Almost all of the hardwood is created here in America in the Appalachian Mountains. The materials taken from this location are known for its consistency, top quality, and strength. More than 70% of Bruce’s wood commodities are created from the best and top grade hardwood that provides floors with less streaks, knots, and makes an almost perfect product with the consistency unmatched by other companies. Bruce is one of the main companies that carries.



For more than a century, customers have depended upon us to give exquisite, durable hardwood floors and stylist, strong laminate floors.

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Quality Materials

Top quality floors begin with top quality materials. Almost all of our hardwood volume comes from America in the Appalachian Mountain area. The wood taken from this region is known for its clear grain, great stability, and consistent color. More than 70% of our wood commodity is created from high quality and select grade hardwood to make sure we provide floors with less streaks, knots, and flaws. Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring focuses on high quality materials for all its products.



Our focal point is on increasing quality, not quantity. This is a focal point of as well.

  • The milling method we have creates straighter, flatter boards so that they fit together perfectly with less spaces between boards.
  • The advanced tech production lines mean that the stain colors are the same through every cycle.
  • Our finishing systems attain the ideal balance by both showing the allure of the hardwood and also shielding it from wear.
  • Our meticulous examinations, containing up to 75 checkpoints, ensure that each strip and plank of our hardwood flooring has cleared our best quality standards.




Stylish Designs

Bruce is the leader in styles and designs in laminate. By keeping one step ahead of the most popular interior trends, Bruce laminate designers know exactly what styles to impart into the innovative floors that go into your home. The artistic insight of Bruce designers is mixed with state of the art imaging and embossing techniques to provide floors with astounding realistic appearance and textures. If you need more information, contact



Searching for a floor that is everything you’ve dreamed and endures busy lifestyles? Look no further than Bruce laminate. With our laminate, you can get the appearance of hot, hard to find, and tropical hardwoods or natural stone in a floor that’s cost efficient and feasible. So don’t worry and take pleasure in your exquisite floor that is made for real life. For maximum quality, rare strength, and amazing value, this laminate delivers. Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring has further details about this laminate if your interested.