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Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring Takes Pride in Providing Eco-Friendly Flooring

Now more than ever, consumers are searching for new ways to protect our environment by using sustainable, eco-friendly resources to floor their homes.  Gone are the days of the past when eco-friendly options were limited and out of style.  Today, many manufacturers offer eco-friendly and sustainable flooring products that not only protect our environment, but are also trendy, affordable, and just plain look good in your home.  Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring is not only proud to offer eco-friendly flooring choices, but we are also committed to sustainability as well by planting trees within every purchase.  This way our customers can rest assured that they are making a guilt-free, environmentally friendly choice when they choose Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.  For more information, check out our website at

The list below encompasses the eco-friendly choices available to our customers at

Hardwood Floors: 

For some of our customers, hardwood is a non-negotiable.  That is why Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring is so committed to sustainability and conservation that we personally inspect the flooring mills in which we partner with in supplying our unfinished hardwood products.  We choose lumber mills specifically for their efforts in the conservation and replantation of hardwood forests.  One of the main lumber mills we source from our actual members of the Forest Service constantly looking into way in which to make hardwood flooring sustainable.  For our engineered and solid hardwood products, we partner with brands like Mohawk, Shaw, Armstrong, Bruce, among other who manufacturer lines of eco-friendly floors to give our Green, FSC-certified wood options when investing in their flooring.  For more information, contact


Bamboo is another excellent source for eco-friendly flooring especially for those who are particularly interested in the sustainability of our hardwood forests.  Though not technically wood, (this is a grass product) Bamboo comes in many different colors and grain variations to give the appearance of hardwood without the toll on our environment.  The most interesting and sustainable thing about Bamboo is that it can be harvested somewhere between 3 to 5 years, so it is easy to plant, grow, and re-plant making it a very sustainable flooring thereby preserving our hardwood forests.  It also has the durability, maintenance, and simplicity as hardwood making it a viable alternative to traditional hardwood.  Fore more information on Bamboo, please visit


As far as the newest technology in sustainable, eco-friendly flooring goes, Cork is the latest thing to hit the flooring industry.  Not only is it a sustainable and renewable resource, it is perfect for allergies as it contains naturally occurring anti-microbial properties, repels insects, and is naturally fire retardant.  The sustainability aspect of this flooring comes from the fact that cork flooring is produced from the bark of the cork tree rather than the trunk of the cork tree itself.  Leaving the cork tree intact allows the bark to replenish itself every 3 years where more cork can be harvested for flooring and other uses.  Not only is cork a renewable and sustainable flooring product, but it is also very durable as well lasting up to 30 years.  To find out more about our cork flooring products, please visit


Linoleum though popular in the 1940s is making a fast comeback in the flooring market once again as a renewable/sustainable product.  Not to be confused with vinyl flooring, linoleum is crated with linseed oil, tree resin, pigment, ground limestone, cork dust, and wood flour.  Linoleum is now offered with a sealer which protects it from stains and is known for its longevity.  For more information on linoleum products, contact

Polyester (P.E.T.) Carpet:

When it comes to carpet, Polyester Berber (PET) is a carpet made from recycled plastic making it an eco-friendlier carpet option.  This product allows recycled plastic to be used in such a way that keeps it from clogging up our landfills and to serve a new purpose.  Berber Carpet is durable, stain-resistant, and is available in many different color patterns and designs.  It is not a “Pet-Friendly” product as pets’ claws can often-times snag the Berber loops causing a snag in the carpet.  However, if you are looking for a carpet that is both durable and eco-friendly, Polyester Berber is a great option to consider.  For more information on Polyester Berber, please visit our website

Wool Carpet:

For carpet-lovers, another Green, though slightly more expensive, alternative to traditional carpet flooring is Wool Carpet.  Unlike Polyester Berber flooring, Wool Carpet is soft on your feet but comes in many different hues and is durable as well.  Though traditional carpet production is detrimental to our environment and our health, wool carpet production has a history that has spanned the ages.  From collecting the wool, to spinning it into thread, to dying it to the preferred color, wool carpet has been original flooring from ages past.  Carpets and rugs that are created from this natural process have used wool, carpet, sisal, and jute as sources for their fibers.  You can learn more about this product at


Recycled Rubber has not only been a great choice for children’s playgrounds, but is fast making its way into the flooring industry as well. Not only is Rubber flooring a sustainable choice, but is also provides durability, versatility, and can be fashionable as well.  Rubber flooring is water-resistant and is often used in bathrooms, kitchens, basements and any other area suspect to high-moisture or water.  You can view many different patterns, hues, and choices at or contact them at 1-877-966-3983 to find out more information.