Laminate Flooring AC Ratings

When shopping for laminate flooring one thing you need to consider is its Abrasion Class Rating or AC Rating. This rating determines the stability and durability against wear and tear from heavy traffic for each available thickness of laminate and each of their suggested uses. Please use the AC Rating as a guide when you are considering which grade of laminate will best suit your needs. 



Laminate Flooring AC Ratings:



Light Residential - AC1


Laminate that is rated AC1 are best suited for light traffic areas of your home, such as bedrooms, closets or storage rooms, which are not subject to much wear and tear.



Residential - AC2


Laminate that is rated AC2 are appropriate for normal traffic areas in your home, such as dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms or dens, which are not subject to heavy foot traffic.



Heavy Residential – AC3


Laminate that is rated AC3 are constructed for more heavy traffic areas in your home, such as hallways, kitchens, mudrooms, foyers and most any other areas of residential use. It may also be used in hotel rooms or small offices that are not subject to large crowds of people.



Light Commercial – AC4


Laminate that is rated AC4 are more appropriate for light commercial use in businesses, such as offices, small shops, or hotel rooms, where there might be a moderate amount of foot traffic due to public exposure. It can also be installed in residences, where there is a lot of foot traffic and more durable flooring is desired. 



Heavy Commercial – AC5


Laminate that is rated AC5 are constructed for heavy commercial use and a heavy amount of foot traffic from large crowds of people, such as in public buildings, department stores, movie theaters, doctor’s offices, etc. It may also be used in residential areas with a lot of heavy traffic that results in stronger, longer lasting flooring being required. 



The durability of laminate flooring is not only determined by the AC rating, but also by other factors such as the thickness of the core, the quality of the finish and the manufacturer’s warranty. Of course, the higher AC rated laminates are more expensive than the lower rated ones, because they will have a thicker core, higher quality finish and the warranty will last longer. However, the higher AC rated laminates will provide a very durable, more stable, and longer lasting flooring.    


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