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Laminate Flooring Floating Installation

Laminate flooring is installed using a floating floor method, meaning that the planks are attached to each other and not attached to the sub-floor, so it can be installed over a wood or concrete sub-floor. You must first install an underlayment over a level sub-floor or existing floor that is clean and free of debris. Afterwards, the laminate is laid down over the underlayment using a click locking method, wherein the planks simply snap together and do not require any glue. Since the laminate is not directly connected to the sub-floor, it is able to expand and contract according to the temperature in the room. 


Laminate floors are very popular among do it yourselfers because they are one of the easiest flooring to install yourself. When installing laminate in a basement or over concrete, it is imperative to install a moisture barrier to prevent the flooring from absorbing any moisture from the concrete sub-floor. Laminate flooring is available in planks as well as square tiles and can be used for residential or commercial installations, due to its durability.     


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