Mannington Flooring-About & History


Mannington is a well known manufacturer of both residential and commercial flooring such as hardwood, luxury vinyl, laminate and so much more. It was founded in 1915 and it's corporate office is located in Salem, New Jersey today where it all started. It is a private owned company that focuses on the quality of their products, their customers satisfaction and being environmentally friendly. This has been a family run business for many generations and its values include: CARE; DO THE RIGHT THING; WORK HARD/PLAY HARD; and CONTROL OUR OWN DESTINY. For more information, go to



John Campbell started Mannington as a family owned business in Salem, New Jersey and it has remained in his family as a privately owned company. Campbell wanted his business to focus on the quality of the products they sold, the satisfaction of his customers and helping the environment through original product design and marketing, top of the line processes and industry-leading programs. Mannington and its associates continue to function under the same mission that was set up generations ago: To Be the Best People To Do Business with in the Flooring Industry. Dedication to that mission has gotten the company through good times and bad. We welcome you to find out more about Mannington and its many brands that give a alluring and strong stage for life at home or at work. Customers who wish to know more should go to