Metroflor-About & History

Metroflor goes back to its pioneering days in 1912 when its founders set up a building materials distribution company in upstate New York. As the company grew, its attention sharpened around flooring and they were the first to introduce genuine, homogeneous vinyl floor tile. Since that time, the company has dedicated itself to being the leader in the LVT category with new commodities, patterns, and production methods. Metroflor’s brands depict the biggest assortment of quality in LVT in the industry presently. Our commodities are perfect for any residential area and are also great for commercial areas such as Retail, Healthcare, Assisted Living, Hospitality, Multi-Family, Corporate, and Education. Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring has more information on this brand for those who are interested.

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Did not work out- very bad experience

Placed an order for these items - waited a few days and nothing happened. Checked in and they still hadn't shipped - called them and they told me they didn't quite have enough product but would get it out that day (8 instead of 10) called the next day when still hadn't shipped. Canceled order but they charged me a restocking fee. The first order I purchased from them also has not yet arrived and it has been several weeks. Had to call only to hear it has "been a mix-up at the warehouse" As of the time of this writing no tracking number. Not a good experience either time - especially wrong to charge me a restocking fee on an order they didn't ship have enough product to fulfill and did not ship in a timely manner. Overall grade F- money out the door for weeks, money lost in cancellation fees and worse as of this time no product.

Crap they swipe up off the floor

3 1/4 and the other was 2 1/8 when all I wanted was 5 inch .

Bona Pacific Filler

Great customer service. Would recommend family and friends.


Bought a whole pallet of this. Fast shipping. Great wood! Nothing but good things to say about Woodwudy.