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Metroflor-Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Floors

 Eco Friendly/ Sustainable Floors

The Future

MetroFlor is dedicated to being as eco-friendly as it can be with principles of responsible sourcing, saving water and energy, lowering emissions, and reclaiming embedded into the whole business. For more information, visit


Living the Sustainability Code

MetroFlor is dedicated to continually improving what we do and how we get it done. Our leadership team has been a part of sustainability practices for years and have ingrained their faith in living the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” motto throughout the whole organization. If you want more information, contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.

  • Sustainability is much more than just a word at MetroFlor, it is a way of doing business. By life cycle thinking and continual measurements, we are always trying to reach new territory in sustainable working methods.



Luxury vinyl flooring is among the top quickest growing fields and for just cause. Its alluring, flexible, strong, simple to care for, and lower in cost. Also, MetroFlor luxury vinyl flooring commodities are FloorScore certified so you can relax being ensured that they contribute to healthy indoor air quality.

FloorScore is a widely recognized low VOC certification program that utilizes an self sufficient certified, Scientific Certification Systems (SCS), to figure out whether hard surface flooring commodities satisfy the California health-based low VOC expectations for indoor air quality.

This is established on little environmental chamber VOC testing and realized indoor air quality copying the California Section 01350 specification. This specification incorporates health-based Chronic Exposure Levels (CREL) concentrations based on the California Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment and creating prototype parameters made by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA). If you want more information, contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.

FloorScore verifies that hard surface flooring commodities do not go past one-half of the allowed CREL concentration limits that are given for a significant VOC safety margin. Commodities that have the FloorScore seal have satisfied these strict standards and give back to good indoor air quality. The FloorScore verification is realized by several environmental programs such as:

  • S. Green Building Council’s LEED Rating System
  • Collaboration for High Performance Schools (CHPS)
  • Green Guide for Health Care

All MetroFlor commodities as made are verified with respect to indoor air quality as having little volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by FloorScore. In other words, our commodities encourage excellent indoor air quality and have aced strict testing for VOC emission levels.


Recycled Content

  1. A Decade of Progress… and More to come!
  • MetroFlor has been utilizing recycled content accountably in some commodities for several years.
  • MetroFlor taps into two sources for the reclaimed content utilized in production. The first source is our own flooring material which we’ve been using for close to six years. This is a perfect source since it allows us to the loop and reroute our commodities from landfills which we feel is extremely important.
  • The second source of reclaimed content is the open market which means we need extreme diligence to make sure we have the best safety levels. For example, we do not ever source wire sheathing since it is not reliable and filled with elevated levels of phthalate plasticizers and heavy metals. Our diligence in sourcing along with our strict testing procedure makes sure all recycled content satisfies our safety standards when utilized in our flooring commodities.


  1. Sustainability: Its About More Than Recycled Content
  • With years of experience in the field and in consideration of the continual growing concern over potential health effects of different flooring components, Metroflor does substantial testing for heavy metals and dangerous chemicals when we pick to use recycled content in our LVT products. This makes sure those additives don’t go past the set industry values.
  • Metroflor provides several commodities produced from 100% pure virgin vinyl, combined with non-phthalate plasticizers. This, eases the safe re-purposing of those commodities. Past its performance advantages, 100% virgin vinyl makes sure of the commodities’ purity for future recyclability. 
  • Metroflor provides particular commodities that use reclaimed content in the production of the lower layer, where any impurities are totally encapsulated with no health risk to the end user. This use of reclaimed content is presently dependent on commodity type, and is presently found in particular ranges of Konecto and Metroflor/Artistek dry-back commodities. We only apply the non-phthalate plasticizer DOTP to all of our LVT commodities as well as every one of our products.


Facts about Plasticizers

  1. The Role of Plasticizers in LVT

Plasticizers are a must have in any vinyl flooring because they give versatility, resilience, strength, endurance, and durability and the “sturdy cushion” feeling that creates a comfortable vinyl floor. The latest controversies around plasticizers includes a class of plasticizers called ortho-phthalates like DINP, DEHP, and others.


  1. Phthalate versus Non-Phthalate Plasticizers

Recently, authorities in America and Europe have voiced concerns about ortho-phthalates established on high-dosage animal studies that showed reproductive and development toxicity and carcinogenic effects. Based on this, some ortho-phthalates like DINP are not allowed to be utilized in childcare commodities and toys. This block on ortho-phthalates has not been reached other consumer commodities.

  • Its important to know that Metroflor utilizes only DOTP (also known as DHET) in every one of its vinyl flooring commodities. DOTP is classified as a non-phthalate plasticizer by the chemical industry since it is not an orhto-phthalate. DOTP has had a wide range of studies and given a clean bill of health. DOTP is not on or even thought about being on the California List of reproductive toxins or carcinogens and is approved by industry regulators for use in toys. A knowledgeable 2009 risk assessment of DOTP found that it can be safely utilized in toys.


  1. Safety First… and Always
  • Metroflor’s main mission is to give high-performance, sustainable, and safe commodities. Our use of non-phthalate plasticizer DOTP is another example of our dedication to this mission. Metroflor has lead the shift away from phthalate plasticizers. When the State of California published its notice of intent to list DINP on Prop 65 as a substance known to give cancer, we instantly began to look for a better replacement. Further, at the end of 2013, Metroflor has finished the phase out of DINP on the majority of our LVT commodities and currently we are happy to say that our entire LVT commodities use only DOTP.


Green Building

The manufacture of the Halstead Customer Support Center building shows the mission of the organization to uplift more livable and sustainable communities. The project shows what can be attained in energy, water, and resource-efficiency within the commercial building Sector. Halstead International has made an alluring and relaxing, energy-efficient workplace utilizing sustainable materials with a far reaching cost benefit. Attention to energy-efficiency has lowered functioning costs remarkably, making it one of the op energy-efficient office buildings in the nation. Halstead’’s building is Georgia’s Tenth LEED Platinum project and the first for Calhoun, Ga.