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Luxury vinyl flooring is among the top quickest growing fields and for just cause. Its alluring, flexible, strong, simple to care for, and lower in cost. Also, MetroFlor luxury vinyl flooring commodities are FloorScore certified so you can relax being ensured that they contribute to healthy indoor air quality. FloorScore verifies that hard surface flooring commodities do not go past one-half of the allowed CREL concentration limits that are given for a significant VOC safety margin.

All MetroFlor commodities as made are verified with respect to indoor air quality as having little volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by FloorScore. In other words, our commodities encourage excellent indoor air quality and have aced strict testing for VOC emission levels.

With years of experience in the field and in consideration of the continual growing concern over potential health effects of different flooring components, Metroflor does substantial testing for heavy metals and dangerous chemicals when we pick to use recycled content in our LVT products. This makes sure those additives don’t go past the set industry values.

Metroflor provides several commodities produced from 100% pure virgin vinyl, combined with non-phthalate plasticizers. This, eases the safe repurposing of those commodities.  Past its performance advantages, 100% virgin vinyl makes sure of the commodities’ purity for future recyclability.

Metroflor provides particular commodities that use reclaimed content in the production of the lower layer, where any impurities are totally encapsulated with no health risk to the end user. This use of reclaimed content is presently dependent on commodity type, and is presently found in particular ranges of Konecto and Metroflor/Artistek dry-back.

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