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Mohawk Flooring Technology

The Ultimate Wear Protection for Hardwood Floors
Mohawk offers a hardwood finish that is wear resistant and has stain protection known as ArmorMax. This finish perforates deep in the wood which helps make it five times stronger than other finished along with its built-in surface shield that repels stains, resists wear and makes for an easy clean up.
  • Superior Durability- ArmorMax finish on hardwood makes the surface five times stronger and wear resistant. 
  • Superior Performance- This finish can repel liquids which helps avoid dust and dirt from remaining on the surface of you floor due to the surface shield. 
  • Easy Maintenance- It also makes cleaning simple and easy while helping to keep your floors looking brand new over time. 
It holds ultra-fine grains of aluminum oxide which perforates deep in the wood for a smooth finish and an outstanding strength against repeat wear and resistance to scratches and scuffs.
ArmorMax has a 50-year finish limited warranty that covers stain resistance.
Lock in Peace of Mind
The Uniclic Locking System, that Mohawk created, has a secure and tight unique tongue and groove locking system that makes installation fast and easy. This system increases durability, minimizing mess and simply cleanup. It also eliminates the potential for unstable and uneven flooring while protecting against spills and moisture. Customers also will have faster access to any new flooring as they won't have to wait for glue to dry before walking on these floors and has a lifetime locking system warranty.
PureBond Engineered Wood Flooring Technology
The new and innovative technology of PureBond helps improve Mohawk's engineered hardwood by removing formaldehyde emissions that correspond with UF adhesives. This lower formaldehyde emissions helps provide a better indoor air quality and is being manufactured in all of the domestically produced engineered hardwoods from Mohawk.
Consumers will gain from Mohawk products:
·         Lower formaldehyde emissions than traditionally manufactured engineered hardwoods
·         CARB compliant products that also gain LEED points
·         More eco-friendly, superior-performance hardwoods
Mohawk has developed an advanced finish technology known as ScratchGuard that was created for durability and easy maintenance. It has an increased resistance to scratches and scrapes due to the infused aluminum crystals in the top layer of the surface of laminate. Consumers gain longer lasting shine due to the reduction of everyday dulling and scratches from dust and dirt.  
GenuEdge Technology has a realistic-appearance in laminate flooring that captures the natural essence of top of the line hardwood floors while remaining low-maintenance. This new technology allows for the design paper to roll over the edge of the plank for that realistic appearance. The added dimension and one of a kind overlay helps to protect against dust and dirt buildup between the planks.
Their SolidTech technology has been used in vinyl flooring which gives these planks the look of real hardwood and the durability to be waterproof, odor-proof, easy to clean and scratch resistant.
SolidTech has been revolutionary engineered to stand up to bumps, scruffs, scrapes and spills in homes with kids and pets while providing a fast and easy installation. It redefines vinyl flooring with its style and performance while being waterproof and odor-free.    
  • Natural looking hardwood appearance
  • 100% waterproof against spills and stains
  • Destroys odors from mildew and pets to include any accidents 
  • Exceptional resistance to every day scrapes and scuffs
  • Resistant to cupping or warping due to changes in temperature
  • Fast and easy installation on just about any floor
SolidTech vinyl flooring has changed the way people see vinyl planks with Mohawk's new standards in beauty, taste, design, style and durability. The visually stunning colors and low pattern repeat features a stunning natural hardwood surface in this vinyl flooring.
Say Hello to Doug the Pug
Doug the Pug is an Internet star with over 5 million Facebook likes and over 2 million Instagram followers. Doug knows what is in style as far as design goes whether its fashion or floors.
Mohawk’s SolidTech is equipped to take on challenges in your home with amazing durability and a superior performance due to the innovations in the design. Uniclic MultiFit locking mechanism has been combined with SolidTech vinyl planks to create an inaccessible lock to make these planks waterproof, odor-free and easy to clean.


SolidTech is a waterproof vinyl flooring due to the Uniclic MultiFit locking system. Spills stay on the surface due to the inaccessible, tight locking system.


The SolidTech line is also impervious to odors and will not absorb even the smallest amount of liquid so no mildew will ever grow which allows fresh air to stay in your home.

Easy to Clean

Spills are easy and quick to clean up with SolidTech flooring and allows homeowners to enjoy more quality time with their families. The engineered finish makes this flooring stain and scuff resistant so your flooring always looks new.

Scratch Resistant

Due to the rigidness and density of the SolidTech flooring, it allows for it to be resistant to scratches, scuffs and indentations that can happen with an active home.

Lays Flat, Stays Flat

SolidTech is sure to impress with the easy installation and being able to be installed at all angles for a seamless look:
  • A true DIY installation for fast and professional results with the Uniclic MultiFit technology
  • 50% denser than the normal composite core vinyl planks and will not show any imperfections in the subfloor
  • Resistant to indentation and keep their dimensional stability with high or extreme temperature changes.


ArmorMax hardwood performs up to five times better than any other wood flooring in the industry abrasion tests. It can withstand up to 2,700 revolutions compared to the leading competitors only withstanding 630 revolutions.


A Finish You Can Count On
The standard Taber Abrasion Test will show that ArmorMax finish take 2,700 cycles to show any wear which proves its superior durability, stain resistance and style in this product.
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