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Mullican Hardwood Flooring - About & History

Mullican Flooring was founded in 1985 and the founders knew that a combination of precision milling, advance kiln-drying techniques and the most demanding inspectors would give them the highest-quality hardwood flooring that would be unmatched by the competition.

They put an emphasis on excellence as well as being committed to being environmentally sound in their manufacturing practices by providing the finest, most durable solid and engineered wood floors.

They use wood from the Appalachian Mountains in the United States to begin their manufacturing process since this wood if known for its prime, slow-growing hardwoods that have consistent grain patterns, color and durability.

In 2008, Mullican Flooring and the National Wood Flooring Association created the Responsible Procurement Program which allows for easy-to-identify labeling of hardwood products so consumers can see that the product has been harvested from non-controversial hardwood sources and where timber growth exceeds loss.

They offer oak, maple, walnut, hickory and beech species in the prefinished solid flooring that can be hand-sculpted or wire-brushed. These prefinished selections highlight knots, color variations, mineral streaks and character grade options that appear naturally in wood while also offering many widths in both the unfinished and prefinished to include sizes 2 ¼-, 3-, 3 1/4, 4- and 5-inch flooring.

In 2012, Mullican moved a large portion of its engineered manufacturing back to the United States where they use stringent quality control standards. The move from Asia back to the United States has allowed for an increased domestic presence that allows for greater flexibility and for the company to get their products into the competitive market faster.

Their prefinished engineered hardwood comes in hickory, maple, oak and walnut but it also available in several exotic species. The flooring is offered in ½-. 3/8-, 5/8- and 9/16-inch thicknesses and width options of 3-, 5-, 6-, 7-, 7.44- and 9.45-inch as well as a variety of surface treatments and colors.

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