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Palmetto Road Flooring Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Floors

Eco-Friendly-Sustainable Floors 


Green First, Our Commitment to a Healthy Planet


Sustainable Wood Sources

Our goal is to provide allure to the world but at the same time not accept standards that are lower than desirable for health. Because of this, we make great strides to make sure that every one of our hardwood floors comes from a certified green, self-renewing sources, where trees are reaped and then another tree is planted in its place. There is no net woodland loss or bad impact on the world around us.

Our providers are CARB-verified, sticking to the strictly to elaborate environmental protections along with the federal Lacey Act. When making Palmetto Road Traditions flooring, nothing goes to waste:

  • Tree bark is made into mulch and soil conditioners
  • Sawdust is used in the boilers that run dry kilns, and is utilized in animal bedding
  • Trimmings are chipped and made into paper along with other commodities
  • Small wood pieces are gathered and used as products such as finger-jointed wood components.


Eco-friendly wood finishes

The Enviro + Plus finishes we have were made by Valspar, which is a fixed leader in finishes that are very eco-friendly along with being strong and scratch proof also. Our wood finishes are HAPs-free so that they do not give off VOC’s and they go beyond all KCMA coating performance standards which makes it one of the greenest finishes in the world.

At we are proud to offer Palmetto Road Flooring.