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Palmetto Road Flooring-About & History

Palmetto Road floors are hand crafted in the Southwest region of the United States and are well known for their antique craftsmanship that gives you a true piece of hand crafted art in every plank. Palmetto Road believes in enhancing the natural grains of each plank. offers you Palmetto Road floors at a price that is sure to enhance your wallet along with giving you the look of hardwoods that real truly give you an old world feel and look.

Palmetto Road is a green company with their proven mission to improve the earth, Palmetto Road hardwoods are all manufactured from green self-renewing sources. For every tree that is cut another is planted. That leaves a positive effect on our planet. Palmetto Road has a no waste philosophy and every part of the tree is used with the bark being made into much and sawdust being used to fuel the boilers that operates dry kilns and is also used for bedding for animals. With the eco-friendly finishes made by Valspar where there are no HAP’s and will never give off any VOC’s this is truly a green product from the inside out.