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Palmetto Road-Technology

Palmetto Road is a brand unlike any other and stands in a category all to itself. Palmetto Road is a true hand scraped by Artisans not by untrained workers or by machine each board will have a look all of its own with no two being alike. The artisans at Palmetto Road are highly trained by a professional hardwood flooring artist master with training the artisans to really study each board and give it that true hand scraped look. knows how important visuals are and with a selection of Palmetto Road you will get a perfect unique hardwood. The craftsmen at Palmetto Road will add chatter marking along with distressing and giving it that antique look. Palmetto Road also offers over fifty hardwood tones including light grey tones to the richest browns. They have options in a distinct brushed texture known as wire brushing which opens the grain by removing the surface layer leaving that distinct look that ultimately accentuates the grain and gives you a truly unique look.

Palmetto Road has a collection known as New Trends which gives you a double hand applied stain no one else in the flooring industry comes close to this one of a kind technique. This is truly a remarkably beautiful finish that is mastered in furniture making and is available here with Palmetto Road at With this technique the craftsmen applies by hand two separate colors using a brush no machine spray here. This gives you a breathtaking richness in color and really makes the natural grain come out.

Palmetto Road here at has the ultimate in floor finishes it gives you an extraordinary crystal clear finish that does not allow the wood to turn to a yellowish tint as time passes and with its enhanced UV protective barrier that defends against fading caused by natural sunlight. Palmetto Road is in partnership with Valspar who is a leader and specializes in the aluminum oxide floor finishing for hardwoods.

Palmetto Road has given you the option to optimize your flooring creativity with their Variable-Width flooring. With this option it allows you to mix 6” width boards with 5” boards or 4” boards with 5” board this will give you a truly custom look.

Palmetto Road Engineered Hardwood will give you the same visual and feel of their solid hardwoods but with a more customized look and greater stability. With an option in engineered hardwoods from Palmetto Road you get a choice in wider planks in 4” to 8” widths. Engineered hardwoods from Palmetto Road will not expand or contract when the temperatures change and with that you have no worries in cupping or gaps. Engineered hardwoods from Palmetto Road can be installed on any level in your home including right on a concrete slab and stapled or nailed on subfloors.

Palmetto Road also offers a wide selection of solid hardwoods ranging from oaks, hickories and maples. Palmetto Road’s solid collection is a true hand scraped just like their engineered collection and have many colors to choose from. Solid hardwoods from Palmetto Road can be nailed or stapled on subfloors.

Palmetto Road offers many selections of species of woods that can give you a contemporary look all the way to a more rustic look. With a choice of Acacia, Hickory, Oak, Maple, Birch or walnut you are sure to find the hardwood species to compliment your own unique style and it is available right here at at rock bottom pricing.

Palmetto Road also offers an unsurpassed warranty on all of their products. They take making floors very seriously and with that no corners are cut with rigorous quality controls you are surely getting a quality floor that you can rest easy will last for generations. With 50 year residential warranty including a 5 year commercial warranty which guarantees these hardwoods will not wear through for 50 years and a lifetime structural warranty. Palmetto Road products also carry a pre-installation warranty with being a company that prides itself on setting the bar high when it comes to quality standards you are sure to get a product which each board has been inspected for quality.


Palmetto Road also has a collection of laminate flooring with six collections that really mirror hand scraped hardwoods with variances in widths of the planks along with the lengths and colors that will surely compliment any room. Laminate floors by Palmetto Road are incredibly durable with a construction made to last.

Williamsburg Collection

This collection of laminates from Palmetto Road come in a thickness of 12mm and widths of 5 ½” with random lengths and carry a 25 year residential warranty along with a 5 year commercial warranty. The Williamsburg collection from Palmetto Road is available in 8 colors and with its hand scraped wood look it will add warmth to any space.

Charlestowne Collection

This collection of laminate from Palmetto Road comes in 12mm thickness with random widths of 1 ½”, 5” & 6 ½” this collection carries a 25 year residential warranty along with a 5 year light commercial warranty. The Charlestowne Collection gives you elegant and sleek looks of hardwoods and comes in four color options.

Providence Exotics Collection

This collection of laminate flooring by Palmetto Road is a 10mm thick product with a width of 5” and carries a 25 year residential warranty along with a 3 year light commercial warranty and with the Providence Exotics collection you get looks in exotic woods in 2 unique choices.

St Augustine Collection

This collection of laminate from Palmetto Road is a 8mm thick product with a width of 7 ½” and carries a 30 year residential warranty along with a 5 year light commercial warranty. This collection is available in six color options and gives you the look of true hardwood flooring at an incredible low price.

Yorktown Collection

This collection of laminate from Palmetto Road is a 7mm thick product with a 7 ½” width and carries a 15 year residential warranty along with a 5 year commercial warranty. Yorktown Collection gives you that traditionally classic look of hardwoods and will save you money with it affordable cost here at