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Quick Step Flooring-About and History

Quick Step floors provide trendy appearances that are made to last. Our residential limited lifetime warranty protects against wear, staining and fading, and it also includes our Uniclic locking system. We are making the best quality floors and job right here in America so that customers can have a sense of positivity about picking our floor. Buildings in Garner, Mt. Gilead, and Thomasville, North Carolina are completely integrated production locations. Quick Step provides planks as big as 54” length in order to make a more genuine hardwood floor appearance when put down which is different from our competitor’s commodities. For more information, visit woodwudy.com.


We have created floors that are trendy and strong by taking the current designs and changing them into rich appearing floors. Our floors appear closer to actual hardwood with less repetition in planks and a light matte finish which stops the fake “plastic” appearance of standard vinyl floors. Quick Step Luxury Vinyl flooring is created to endure heat, water, and other daily wear and tear of busy families. It protects against heat: The dimensional durability made into our floors helps them to remain stable in heat or direct sunlight. These floors do not curl and buckle. They are water resistant: Sturdy build, tight-locking joints and an advanced surface coating mean that these floors flush so that no water can get in. Protected against wear: Our ResistAll coating gives an advanced surface shield with 5 times the strength of average finishes to protect against scuffs, micro-scratches and stains. For more information, contact woodwudy.com.


Q-Wood floors are made for the families that will live with them, not for houses therefore we ensure that they are safe. We take a face veneer and back veneer and put them together over a hardwood multi-ply core to create our engineered commodity. We pair the face and back veneers together to make an even panel that will lower warping and movement. We are making the top quality floors and jobs right here in America so you can sense the positivity in your floor decision. For more information, visit woodwudy.com.