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Repairing a Floating Cork Floor

Sometimes accidents happen when we least expect it. That’s just a part of life. Most likely, when you were selecting your cork flooring, you did not anticipate any damage happening to your floor. Since installing new flooring can be a significant investment, it would be a nightmare for something to happen to it and very costly to replace.    


However, with the invention of the new click lock flooring that is floated over the sub-floor, and easy to install yourself, damage is no longer a disaster. It can be easily repaired with little effort, since there are no nails, staples or glue to remove because the planks simply snap together and can be unsnapped to take them apart. This is very convenient because you can repair the flooring yourself, without having to hire a repairman, which can be expensive. 


One major advantage of cork flooring is that is not easily damaged. Since it has tiny air bubbles within its makeup, it is naturally shock absorbent and will give under any impacts and then spring back into place, making it very durable. It will also stand up to heavy foot traffic without wearing. In addition, cork flooring is moisture resistant and flame resistant. However, excessive moisture can damage the high density fiberboard core. Cork flooring can also be scorched if hot embers land on it from a roaring fireplace or if a lit cigarette is dropped on it. In the event of such damage, you will be greatly relieved that you chose a floating cork floor. All you have to do is replace any damaged planks with new ones.


For your convenience, we have provided the following steps to assist in repairing your floating cork floor in an easy manner, in the unfortunate event that it should sustain damage. 


  1. Move all furniture from the area of the damaged plank.
  2. Pull up the quarter round molding or shoe molding to reveal the edge of the planks.
  3. Disconnect the planks until you reach the damaged plank, remove it and replace it with a new plank.
  4. Connect the planks that you removed back together.
  5. Replace the quarter round or shoe molding.
  6. Place your furniture back.  


That’s how simple it is to repair click-lock cork flooring. Just make sure that you save and store any extra flooring after installation for any potential future repairs. That way you never have to worry about replacing the entire flooring because of minor damage. Your flooring will look as good as new and you can take pride in your accomplishment. If you have any further questions regarding cork flooring repair, you may contact us at 1-877-966-3983.     

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