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Shaw-Eco Friendly-Sustainable Floors

Responsible Wood Procurement Policy

Shaw makes sure that when they produce and sell hardwood that these hardwoods come from responsible known sources and to avoid hardwood from controversial sources.

They are dedicated to the legally trading of wood and expect the same of their suppliers so they make sure that the wood is FSC certified or comes from a forest in the United States. They will never consciously buy or use wood, wood fiber or products for manufacturing that comes from illegal harvesting.
These are considered to be responsible sources within the context of this policy and in conformance with the amendments of the Lacey Act. This regards the importation of wood, wood fiber or products as well as Tier 1 of the Responsible Wood Procurement Program:
  1. Wood species that is FSC-Certified from any country
  2. The forest of origin in The United States of America is located within: 
a. Areas within the various states where the growth surpasses the collecting of wood as well as the mortality by volume, and
b. are deemed 'low risk' for being brought from forests where traditional or civil rights are broken; forests with high preservation values are endangered by management actions; hardwood from genetically modified trees in forests to which these have been planted; and wood that has been collected illegally or taken from areas which have been changed over from natural forest to plantations or non-forest uses.

       3. Outside the United States of America where:
a. wood is deemed Acceptable by an approved Legality Resource Provider,
b. the legal collecting of wood has been verified and documented with the necessary support to back the material.

To instill the legal requirements, we have spoken with all our associated suppliers and confirmed the materials sourced are following all approved, legal wood standards. Shaw is dedicated to making the best efforts to identify the sources of wood used within the manufacturing and selling of their products but realizes the difficulty in achieving 100% certainty. We expect the complete cooperation and responsiveness from each of our suppliers.
  • Shaw has financed close to $300 million dollars in capital expenses to include strategic funding in several different areas as well as automation, efficiency and technological advances.
  • Shaw has risen the bar on their performance, which is communicated to the Department of Energy's Better Plants Program, by calculating techniques and baseline year for energy, emissions and water intensity metrics which align with industry standards.
  • Their investment in a new talent model has been an innovation driver and their key to long-term sustainability.
  • Shaw thoroughly provides millions of training hours for their associates while other associate programs and benefits contribute to their recognition as Forbes’ America’s Best Employers in 2015, Elearning magazine’s Learning100!, Training magazine’s Top 125 as well as being Great Places to work Certified.
  • They also contribute hours of volunteer time and millions of dollars to organizations that make a difference in people’s lives within the communities where their company functions.
  • Their investment in the Women’s Innovation Network, ShawVet and unconscious bias education has expressed the company’s continued dedication to a culture of inclusion.
Carpet Recycling Network
They have even established a carpet collection network that allows them to reclaim and recycle roughly 100 million pounds of carpet a year. By means of these reclamation partners and the take-back program for their EcoWorx backed commercial products, they reuse those materials back into their carpet, into products for other industries or into energy for their manufacturing operations.
Shaw has been a member of the Carpet America Recovery Effort which is a nonprofit organization that concentrates on developing market based solutions in the recycling and reuse of post-consumer carpet.
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