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Somerset Hardwood Flooring-About & History

Somerset is flooring company 20+ years in the making and is privately owned here in the United States. While Somerset is known for its expertise in the hardwood flooring industry they also have an incredible reputation with manufacturing the finest lumbers from the Appalachians. Somerset takes pride in overseeing the manufacturing of their hardwoods and is a good reason to why their hardwoods are held at such a high standard. Somerset also makes maintaining productive and healthy forests one of their number one priorities. Somerset knows the importance of forests and has a full time forestry staff. Somerset is also a member of the Appalachian Hardwood Manufacturers Inc. Somerset has also earned FSC Certification which confirms that that the materials used are harvested from well managed forests and Somerset takes that very seriously. With their corporate headquarters in Somerset Kentucky located right in the heart of the Appalachians. Somerset also has expanded their facilities to  Munfordville and Burnside Kentucky thus keeping more jobs right here in the United States. Somerset is one of the United States largest suppliers of Kiln Dried Appalachian Hardwoods. Somerset takes pride in their plants and facilities and use the most advanced machinery most of which they have built by their own machinists. Kiln Dried lumber is always processed by Somerset’s flooring division and are packed and prepared for domestic and export shipping. Somerset is also a leader in the US for the development of pellet fuel and comes along with Somerset’s “waste not” approach along with the proven commitment in the environment. Somerset has turned their excess wood including sawdust into an efficient, clean burning, biofuel product. They produce over 50,000 bags of pellets each week. That is truly a lot of fuel that is in turn sold all across the United States for use in pellet stoves and fireplace inserts. Somerset truly believes in their products and hold their hardwoods at a standard that is so high that they offer a lifetime structural warranty on each one of their hardwoods a flooring company dedicated to the environment and its products you are sure to be making the right decision when choosing Somerset here at