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Tarkett-Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Floors

Tarkett-Eco Friendly-Sustainable Floors

Tarkett Sustainability Resources

Tarkett’s belief in environmental is easy. We believe in being proactive instead of being reactive but we don’t want to only stop negative effects. We want our commodity to have a positive impact on the environment as well as quality of life. For more information, visit woodwudy.com.


Shockingly, outside air can be ten times better for you than the air in your home which is scary since most people spend most of their times indoors. To make the air quality indoors better, Tarkett takes always the volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Tarkett has went above and beyond with our dedication to healthy interior air quality by allowing our commodities to be certified by third party methods like Certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly, NSF 332 certification and Cradle to Cradle certification. If you need more information, contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.


Regardless of your flooring need, Tarkett has the perfect sustainable flooring for houses, offices, education facilities, healthcare facilities, retail, or hospitality.




The closed loop, round design model is our initiative at being environmentally responsible. This commodity pattern approach fixates on the four steps of the commodity life-cycle:

  1. The option of great materials in the pattern of the commodity.
  2. The responsible utilization of resources in our methods.
  3. The health and welfare of the people in the midst of the commodity being used and kept up.
  4. The recycling of the materials after they are used to stop waste and to create new commodities with good materials.


In every single step of the life cycle, our commodities should help maintain a good environment and this concern is at the center of our innovation strategy. We began using the Cradle to Cradle belief in 2011 which is an example of our new approach. By making commodities from the start that can be used over and over again, we are making a positive impact to the environment and people. We encourage our employees to be inventive, causing the discovery of more sources of profitable gain and environmental effectiveness. Check out Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring for more information.


Most of Tarkett commodities have pre-consumer reclaimed material. In many North American commodities, post-consumer material can be found. Post-consumer reclaimed content can come from pre-owned floors that are recycled into new VCT or windshield glass utilized in Azterra, Color Essence and Cortina Grande.  For more information, visit woodwudy.com.


Every one of our facilities have lowered energy consumption by at least 20% by different strategies like using T5 fluorescent bulbs in 40% of our production areas and “soft-starts” on 35% of our equipment. Tarkett is also starting to have closed industrial water circuits so that they use 80% recycled water. Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring has more information for those interested.



Closed Loop Manufacturing

Here at Tarkett, we make commodities in a closed-loop system. Rather than going to waste or being taken to a dump, we reuse materials in the manufacturing method. If materials can’t be reclaimed back into Tarkett commodities, we join with recycling companies to procure a future use for all our material. For instance, unreclaimed rubber can be made into playground mulch and linoleum into compost. We want none of our stuff going to dumps; in our methods we reuse components as much as we can or recycle externally as another option. For more information, visit woodwudy.com.


The flooring technology that we have lets us reuse, or redistribute for other use, almost all our pre-consumer flooring and tread scrap. We trap and reuse raw-material excess, scrap, and off-spec commodity in the production method or repurpose for another use. Also, we can reuse and repurpose uninstalled job site remnants by the exact capability. Post-consumer or installed Vinyl Composition Tile is able to be used in the ReStart Program as well. If you want more information, contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.




With the backing of the German Scientific Institute EPEA, the idea focuses at assessing and picking commodity materials that can be used again in technological cycles (i.e.: materials remade into flooring or other applications) or biological cycles (i.e.: natural break down). We focus on re-using materials over and over again without lowering standards on quality or value for our customers based on Cradle to Cradle standards and the round economy approach. This is why we have established an innovative design approach, bringing in environmental sustainability at the four main steps of the commodity life-cycle: picking the great materials, using resources in the proper way in our methods, give health to people during commodity use and up keep, reuse and reclaim once at the end of use. Check out woodwudy.com for more information.



Circular economy entails the reuse and changing of materials to create a continual positive contribution for people and the world around us. In compliance with Cradle to Cradle standards and the circular economy stance, Tarkett seeks to be a closed loop or circular company. Past the goal to lower the depletion of non-renewable resources, this stands for rethinking commodities, production methods and business models along the lines of the principle of positive contribution on each of the three levels: the environment, people, and economic development and profitability. For more information, visit woodwudy.com.




Member of Global Compact

Tarkett has attained the Global Compact Advanced level, showing its dedication to convert and combine into practices the Global Compact Principles. If you need more information, contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.



Breathe-Easy Flooring

Tarkett knows that your family contacts flooring more than other surfaces in your house. Therefore, we understand how vital it is to make sure our floors aid in making a safe and healthy environment. Have you heard that several household objects can release volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can upset asthma and allergies like having a headache or feeling dizzy? If you or a family member has asthma or allergies or you’d rather have commodities that promote a healthier lifestyle, you can rest assured that your Tarkett flooring will be alluring as well as safe for those you care about. Check out Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring for more information.



Certified Healthy

During the method for asthma and allergy friendly certification, a flooring undergoes both physical and chemical examines in stand alone laboratories to make sure that it doesn’t have characteristics that can possibly both asthma or allergies in people that have them. Every one of the certified flooring must show the following properties:

  • The flooring should have a reduced capacity for holding onto allergens.
  • The manufacturer’s suggested cleaning methods must be able to take away built up allergen from the flooring.
  • The suggested cleaning method must not cause a distinguishable rise in airborne allergen levels that can lead to redistribution of rather than overall lowering of allergen.
  • Being exposed to airborne solvents and other bothersome or hazardous materials during floor installation and after that when in use must not go beyond Certification thresholds.


If you need more information, please visit woodwudy.com.




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