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The Basics of Cork Flooring

Cork has been used in various ways for thousands of years. Cork was commonly used as a float for fishing in ancient China and has historically been used as insulation against heat and cold. Back in ancient Rome and Greece, they discovered that cork was very comfortable to walk on so they started using it to make soles for their shoes to provide cushioning for their feet. They also discovered that it resisted moisture so they began using it on the roofs of their homes as well. They even used it as we do today as bottle stoppers to cork their bottles.



Cork is eco-friendly in that it is harvested by hand stripping the bark from the cork oak tree that is native to the Mediterranean Coastal regions. Once the bark is harvested and laid out, a chemical reaction takes place which makes the bark become stronger. The requirements for harvesting are that the cork oak tree has reached maturity and is at least 25 years old before the bark is harvested. The tree is not harmed in the harvesting process and will continue to produce more bark. There is a mandatory waiting period of nine years between harvests, so that the bark can replenish itself. For this reason, cork flooring is considered a green product and is becoming more popular among today’s conservationists and those who are concerned with preserving our resources and protecting our environment. 



Cork flooring is a very versatile and durable product that is available in a large assortment of colors ranging from its natural color to black. It is a practical choice with many advantages, such as being comfortable to walk on, shock absorbent, water resistant, insect resistant, fire resistant, resilient, sound proof, and a good insulator. It is offered in either planks or tiles with a variety of thicknesses, lengths and widths to choose from. It can be installed using a floating method, wherein planks or tiles are joined together through a click-locking system or a glue-down method where the planks or tiles are attached to the sub-floor using a special flooring adhesive. 


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