USFloors-About and History


Humble beginnings

USFloors was incubated in a small extra bedroom that now CEO/President Piet Dossche had in his small apartment in 2001. Quickly our name become synonymous with innovation and eco-friendly by producing and becoming the largest supplier of bamboo and cork flooring; both environmentally friendly and sustainable material. We grew quickly we moved into our first 15,000 sq ft. Warehouse in May 2001, then in May 2003 shortly after adding cork to our production we acquired Natural Cork and the 50,000 sqft. Warehouse that came with it in Augusta, Georgia. Then in 2006 we built a massive 100,000 sqft warehouse and 50,000 sq ft. Distribution center to go with it. With every warehouse and distribution center built so came along the newest and best technologies in flooring. Empowering us to work with the highest efficiency and recipient of the GreenStep Award in 2014. 

USFloors has continued to grow in both size and with the amount of amazing and innovative products on the market today. US flooring; we set the bar…



USFloors is currently one of the leaders in eco-friendly and sustainable flooring and it's headquarters are conveniently found just south of the Appalachian Mountains in Dalton, GA. Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring offers USFloors and their huge inventory of bamboo, Cork, and any type of flooring you may need as well as the largest selection of U.S. Made flooring which is largely due to USFloors. There are cases where U.S.flooring needs to import flooring to keep up with the demand but these floors are held to the same standards and rigorous 65 point inspection that all USFloors material undergoes to ensure only the highest quality. offer USFloors products at the lowest guaranteed prices and their entire inventory is available so you can take advantage of all the amazing prices on eco-friendly and premium quality flooring. USFloors is also the largest supplier of cork and bamboo in the United States; producing only the very best flooring on the market. 

Founded in 2001 USFloors first produced cork, bamboo, rugs and a range of other flooring products that went beyond just residential needs. With the immediate success of USFloors they opened a warehouse in Dalton, GA with an emphasis on Cork and Bamboo production and with the 100,000 sq ft. Warehouse USFloors was able to keep up with the rise in demand. This warehouse is the sole producer of Bamboo and Cork in the United States! Distribution centers are located around the United State making shipping easy and quick.

Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring offers all of USFloors commercial grade flooring which include the incredibly hard strand woven bamboo to the resilient and eco-friendly cork that applications include educational, healthcare, assisted living, retail, corporate offices, apartment complexes, any setting where durability and longevity are needed. USFloors has handled the growth and increased demand beautifully expanding into Shanghai to increase quality control, Increased demand on Logistics and overall better customer service. is proud to offer USFloors and everything it stands for; from the environmental awareness to premium flooring and excellent pricing.


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