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USFloors-Eco-Friendly/Sustainable Floors

 Eco Friendly-Sustainable Floors

We are entirely dedicated our Eco Friendly mission. As such, we are devoted to:


We commit to employing and sourcing sustainable resources for our flooring products at every opportunity possible.

There are four key pillars utilized by USFloors that include bamboo flooring, cork flooring, oil finished hardwood and LVT. Bamboo and cork are renowned for being the most viable and renewable resources currently utilized in flooring. We take pride in the fact that our Natural Bamboo products meet the standards for LEED credits for Rapidly Renewable Materials and Low Emitting Materials. As do our Natural Cork products, along with meeting the criteria for both Low Emitting Materials and Recycled Content. Both the Navarre Hardwood have been finished with natural oil that has zero-VOC.

FSC-Certified, this meets the requirements LEED credits to achieve Certified Wood. COREtec Plus Engineered Luxury Vinyl Floor's waterproof core is comprised of bamboo content and recycled wood with a cork underlayment that has been attached to the bottom of each plank. COREtec flooring meets the requirements for LEED credits for Low Emitting Materials, Recyclable Content, and Rapidly Renewable Materials. For more information, visit


We, under no circumstances, would ever source from clear cut or forests that are improperly managed. We diligently only use raw materials and processes that are in accordance with strict European and U.S. environmental specifications. If you need more information, contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.



On top of all that, USFloors utilizes proprietary Moso6 Premium Mature 6 Year Moso Bamboo for their Natural Bamboo Floors. As bamboo grows and matures, it grows more dense, making it become exponentially harder every consecutive year. After giving it six years to mature, USFloors’ Moso6 bamboo guarantees maximum performance when applied to our flooring. Your expectations as a consumer for reliability and performance are of utmost importance to us, and this process will assure you that expectations are met. You can be certain that a bamboo floor utilizing immature bamboo will yield disappointing results for a floor you have invested your time and money in. Customers who need more information should go to


Every single one of the varied products sold by USFloors, Inc. are compliant with the Lacey Act.






Reducing our environmental and energy footprint.


USFloors is set to soon be applying for LEED Certification for our manufacturing facility at our Dalton, GA location. This process for an already existing facility is a notably more difficult and lengthy process than the process for a brand new building. For more information, visit

These are the steps that we are actively, or soon will be, taking towards making this certification:


  • We have installed photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftops of several USFloors facilities that produce more than ½ MegaWatt of energy. This has made USFloors one of the biggest solar energy harvesters.
  • All of the dust generated in the manufacturing process is gathered into containment silos and is then recycled into use as a waste-to-energy fuel.
  • Each of the lights used in our facility have been switched with energy efficient T5 lights. These are directed by a zone-control system that automatically shuts off when the lights have stopped being in use.
  • Each of our air compressors now have “soft” start switches that reduce the stress put upon an electrical grid.
  • Cork and bamboo floors are now installed as floating floors in any office spaces. This nullifies the need to use glues in the installation.
  • Toilets have been swapped out in favor of newer, low flow toilets to minimize the usage of water.
  • All trash from the facility will be sorted and recycled.


Creating Better Indoor Quality


GREENGUARD GOLD is comprised of USFloors Natural Bamboo, COREtec Plus, and Natural Cork as a third-party by UL’s Greenguard Environmental Institute. It also meets prerequisites to meet LEED credits for EQ, Low Emitting Floors, as well as meeting the limits for the European E0 Standard, which is a very strict test that quantifies the volume of formaldehyde in a given product. This potentially dangerous chemical is often found in adhesives and glues that are utilized in making cork floors, as well as bamboo. However, USFloors maintains zero to low formaldehyde content in each of its Natural Cork and Natural Bamboo floors in order to surpass the health standards implemented in the United States, Europe, and Japan. We aim to meet a 100% formaldehyde-free product. Additionally, any HDF core boards that are utilized in our floors have absolutely no formaldehyde added to them. If you need more information, please contact Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring.


USFloors products are CARB compliant.


Promoting Green Building

USFloors is proudly aligned with the U.S. Green Building Council and the majority of USFloors products commit one or more credits to the USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System.


Following our own example, USFloors advances the green building initiative further than just in new construction, but also in the renovating of existing buildings in order to further reduce environmental impact. Check out Woodwudy Wholesale Flooring for more information.

Continuing our commitment to responsible environmental practices, USFloors, has made momentous investments in renewable and clean solar polar. This is has thus far been a two year process that we continue to advance. From our earliest 31.5 Kw system all the way to our most recent 365 Kw, we are a dominating archetype of how both good environmental practices and good business discipline can synchronize in the modern business environment. You can find more information at