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What is Luxury Vinyl Plank or LVP?

Traditionally, linoleum was a favorite flooring, especially in kitchens, because it was easier to clean and maintain than wood flooring. It was made primarily of natural materials. Later, manufacturers began producing sheet vinyl, which is made from PVC, because it was more cost efficient and easier to clean and maintain than linoleum. Manufacturers have continued to greatly improve these products and now offer Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), which is extremely durable, much more so than sheet vinyl, affordable and comes in two different styles, planks resembling wood flooring and square tiles resembling ceramic tile.


Construction, Styles and Finishes


LVT is becoming one of the popular choices for flooring today because of its incredible resilience, making it the most resilient flooring on the market today. It is highly water resistant and does not absorb water or have the potential to swell or warp like natural materials used to make wood flooring. LVT also has a thick wear surface that is infused with aluminum oxide, which makes it exceptionally scratch and dent resistant and the easiest of all flooring to clean. It is also shock absorbent and has the ability to withstand high traffic areas in either residential or commercial locations. As such, it is widely used as commercial flooring for hospitals, retail stores, nursing homes, etc. It is the best choice possible for any wet locations, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, mud rooms or basements and can be installed in virtually any room in your home or office on any grade or level. 


LVT is available in thick vinyl planks with the look and feel of textured, distressed or smooth real wood flooring or bamboo. This is achieved through modern technology with high resolution images and a huge variety of colors and finishes. You can have the rich look and appealing texture of hand scraped hardwood at a fraction of the price, but with much greater durability and versatility than solid hardwood flooring. It also has a wear layer of urethane similar to the finish on hardwood flooring, but much more durable.


LVT is also available in 12 inch square and larger sized vinyl tiles that have the look of rustic slate, weathered stones, beautiful marble, or even ceramic tile in practically any color or pattern that you desire, so that your options are limitless. They can be installed with grout for a ceramic tile look or without grout, depending on your preference and they are beautiful either way. 


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