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Xulon Flooring - Eco-Friendly & Sustainability

Xulon-Eco-Friendly & Sustainability



Xulon is an eco-consciousness and sustainability company that has taken the time to hand-pick unfinished, solid hardwood mills that comply with our standards of quality, American-made, sustainable, renewable, eco-friendly products. Our unfinished solid hardwood comes from lumber mills that are certified with the National Wood Flooring Association and the National Oak Flooring Manufacturer’s. We have personally visited and inspected the facilities of the mills to certify that they meet our standards of excellence as far as providing the finest materials and being eco-conscience. The mills that we obtain our unfinished hardwood from own and manage hundreds of thousands of woodlands to ensure the sustainability and renewability of our products. The mills have also been pioneers in conservations by planting 500,000 to 2 million seedlings annually and due to their efforts and contributions, North America is one of two continents that has seen a net growth in forest areas between 1990 and 2005. Our founder is nationally certified as a flooring inspector, so we guarantee the quality of our hardwood while answering any flooring questions consumers may have.